5 Biggest Writing Mistakes And How To Fix Them Before Entering A Writing Contest

Are you planning to enter your novel or into a writing contest?

Are you planning to enter your novel or into a writing contest? Writing is a skill that needs honing and toning and to be free of common mistakes, especially if you want the judges of the writing award to pick your story as a finalist or winner!

Learn how to improve your writing by learning about some of the writing mistakes that thousands of writers often commit. Plus ways to correct them before you enter your submission into a writing competition or book award contest.

• Writing styles
Once you choose what writing style you will use in opening lines, be consistent throughout the rest of the chapter and indeed, the entire book. Avoid too many run-on sentences. When there's so much of those, divide some into two sentences.

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A common mistake that ProWritingAid indicates is the repetitive use of words in your writing, so you need to ensure you edit this out before a writing contest judge sees it. A good tip is to read out your chapters out loud, then cut down frequently used words.

You will be required to stay consistent in your use of verbs and tenses, and make sure to stick to either use past or present tense for your chapters.

• Use of homophones
Be aware of words that sound the same but are spelt differently, such as there or their, effect or affect; this changes the overall meaning of the paragraph, and it sends a red warning flag to a writing contest judge that you're not professional enough to check for these kinds of grammatical errors before submitting your work to a writing award or writing contest.

• Grammatical errors
Use of comma: After a clause, phrase or a lengthy sentence- use a comma to elaborate where it ends for clarity. In The compound sentences for joining two independent clauses, use of a comma can indicate a pause between the two adjoining sentences.

• Spelling mistakes
Software such as ProWritingAid will identify spelling mistakes that need correcting and especially homonyms, compound words and particularly proper pronouns.

• Cohesion and alignment
It is very important to keep in mind when you are entering a piece of writing into a writing contest. Even if you are using one complete sentence, it should have a period at the end of each sentence.

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