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We'd like to introduce our writers to Randy Peyser and invite writers to see her site,

Watch this very quick video that shows the scope of projects that Randy has worked with.

Here are some of the books Randy has sold to publishers.

1 The Tao of Influence was on The Wall Street Journal Bestseller List for 5 weeks.
2 Power Your Profits was named Cosmopolitans' #17 Best Non-fiction Book of 2020.
3 Words Whispered in Water was chosen by Publisher's Weekly as one of their top 25 picks. It's won 5 major awards.
4 The Chiron Effect was sold to a publisher in the U.S. who recently sold foreign rights for it in China.
5 The Prepared Investor and a book by an NPR host called, Your Story Well-Told came out very recently.
6 Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive was the winner of a prestigious Maui Writer's Conference contest and was awarded a publishing deal with Hay House.
7 Randy secured the literary agent who conducted a bidding war and landed a six-figure deal with Simon & Schuster for a book she ghost wrote.
8 One of Randy's clients just had their story optioned for Hollywood film.
9 Nice Girls DO Get the Sale was featured in Time Magazine and is now out in many languages.
10 Hired! was sold in 1 week, and FedEX Office bought 3000 copies for their stores nationally.
11 Finding the Wow was featured in Oprah magazine and on Hallmark TV.
12 Pivot received a 6-figure deal with Simon & Schuster. It made The Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller lists.
13 Pivot and Adrenaline Nation were featured in airport bookshops.

With credits like this, shouldn't you be thinking of working with Randy to get your writing projects in front of publishers?

If you would like to meet Randy to discuss your book project, check out her schedule:

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