2024 Golden Author Award

Genre: Sci-Fi

Aliens are stealing human souls to reincarnate them as slaves in another dimension How do I know? …I’m one of them. My narcissistic father is central to this scam. I’ve had enough. My friends and I are going to bring him down. …If my violent, pain-in-the ass, human partner doesn’t kill me first.

Adults struggle to remember the early years of life but it is a gift, this book will help you see the very different perspective of a developing conscious brain. Unlock the forgotten secrets of childhood with a heartfelt story based in neuroscience to tap the power of the young and the unconscious.

Genre: Memoir

Elite private schools, where resources, curriculum and tuition are comparable to the best colleges are not for those who can afford better. They are for those who can afford only the very best. They are places of privilege. They rarely include black students. In the 60s, they almost never did.

While facing terrifying childhood nightmares and her brothers impending death, Tilly looks back to her past, and fights the suspicion that she's carrying a terrible secret. Yet, maybe she has chosen to forget: a child’s eye refusing to see the reality of what really happened and who was responsible...

Genre: Sci-Fi

Kat Wallace, juggling three children, a faltering marriage, and her role in the Bosch Pirate Force, seizes an unexpected chance to eliminate human trafficking on New Earth, confronts resistance and betrayal from all sides while forging new alliances that could reshape her future and Bosch's destiny.

Genre: Horror

A serial killer's inner demon takes control of his life as he struggles to protect his newfound love from the darkness that consumes him.

“Kick” is a Canadian-born American-made killer; shattered by years of violence. He fought in America's secret war in Vietnam and continued working for the CIA. By 1988, Kick has one goal: to finally expose Canada’s covert involvement in the Vietnam War before those dark secrets are hidden forever.

Tagged with killing a Spanish Viceroy and the heist of King Philip’s doubloons, Captain Connachan learns of an imminent Spanish invasion of her base on Isla Tortuga. She’s compelled to marshal precious resources and rally detested rival pyrates, including her archenemy, to defend their rebel island...

Genre: LGBT

There’s no second-guessing God. When He’s got his hook into you, there’s no wriggling off until He’s landed you.

Genre: Memoir

A WWI veteran emigrated from Scotland to Canada, marrying a widowed mother of four. They had five more children. The Grant children kept their original surname but all nine kids were raised as a deeply connected unit. This memoir pays homage to the life stories and ancestry of this remrkable family.

Genre: Memoir

It is a true story of a teenager whose life was unraveled by her best friend dying in her arms, leading to rash life decisions and lasting consequences. With time, she receives healing from shame and fear and finds that her divine destiny is still available. She needs only to step into it.

Caught in a rogue storm during the Great Sea Race, fourteen-year-old Grey Shima and her rival Ashton must join forces to thwart a deadly plot, uncovering resilience and the power of friendship in a thrilling adventure that spans generations.

Cricket and Sebastian come from entirely different worlds but have one thing in common: they find solace in the challenges they face in life through their careers. When they team up at the ad agency, their weaknesses become each other’s strengths. Against all odds, they risk everything for love.

Ten years on, the veterans of Rome's first mission to China are scattered throughout the world, from Mongolia to China, from Asia Minot to Italy. But the gods are drawing them together for a wholly unexpected reunion, in the midst of Trajan's last war, the invasion of Parthia. War and insurrection!

This book provides "everything you need to know before you go!" It is a book in three parts: building legacy, examining death and dying, and a workbook and checklist to help you provide an emotional life insurance plan for our loved ones. It asks the ultimate question, "What's your legacy?"

Eastwood Minster is a close-knit community – with a few dropped stitches. Beginning where 'Looking to Move On' (Finalist 2023) ended, this second Eastwood Story is one of hope overcoming adversity. We encounter familiar & new characters as each live with the differences & changes that life brings.

She can save the world, but there's a price to pay... November 2003. Brilliant scientist Uma Jakobsdóttir has figured out a way to solve global warming for good. Known as LEAP, the system is capable of providing Earth’s ultimate second chance...until it falls into the wrong hands.

Radhika, a young, Ceylon tea plantation worker is sent to work at the house of Chasley Rannoch, a ruggedly handsome, Scottish, estate superintendent. Her infatuation for him results in the shocking arrival of a baby, leading to a spiral of events of misfortune, scandal, intrigue and A Heritage Lost.

Genre: Christian

Miriam, an ambitious young woman, longs to escape the confines of her small Caribbean island but as she faces the challenges of a dysfunctional home life, her own poor decisions, and personal tragedies, she wrestles with the belief that God is good.

In the Monster Belt, an area in the Northern Hemisphere between two latitudes, the most mythical creatures are found. Or are they real? Bereaved Harris wants to find out. Dee sees monsters every day and she wants to escape them. When their paths collide will each of them find the answers they seek?

The birth of the Goddess! Anastasia is a divine High Priestess of God from her creation God knew she would rule by his side

“Just Keep Climbing” is an inspiring book that shares raw, emotional stories of eight ordinary people overcoming extraordinary challenges. Author Barry Finlay weaves in lessons from his own experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, offering practical tools for achieving seemingly impossible goals.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Kat Wallace, on the brink of leading Bosch and ending human trafficking, must thwart her vengeful enslaver's deadly plans targeting her children, risking her home, heart, and life in a high-stakes battle to protect everything she holds dear.

You thought having your own submarine would be fun

What if you were accidentally swept back in time with no idea how to get home? Although a story of adventure, the novel is also about survival, about coming to terms with losing home, family and everything that matters, and how unexpected and unlikely friendships make life still worth living.

Genre: Sci-Fi

A sole survivor on a deadly field of combat regains consciousness and sets out on a journey to understand who he is amidst a war-torn realm. He discovers that he is, in fact, part of an artificially created universe simulation for a more advanced society trying to find the keys to immortality.

The Ultimate Power Within: Unleashing the Magic of Affirmations is not merely a book on Affirmations but a guidebook and instruction manual providing a step-by-step process for understanding, creating, and using Affirmations to unlock the power within and bring about positive change in your life.

Book 3 The two men in Jiddy's life have left. Defiant, she resolves to find choices for local girls battered by poverty. Inland, love beckons. The North Sea entices with dreams of foreign shores, but smuggling is all Jiddy has known. A brutal, breathtaking and brilliant conclusion to the trilogy!

Genre: Sci-Fi

Aliens are all around us. They have been for centuries. Taxore, the First Dimension; linked to Earth for centuries though alien pirates and their human allies, who prey on humans and doom them to an endless life of slavery after death. For them, there is no such thing as heaven, only hell.

Genre: Crime

Kate Hetherington’s father disappears in China and she recruits firefighter Adam Sterling, who rescued her from a car smash, to help her find him. Adam and fellow ex-Royal Marine Byron Mason accompany Kate to China to find her father and try to keep her out of the clutches of an implacable assassin...

Genre: Memoir

A happily married aesthetician is living the small town dream, but when she finds a box in the closet full of women's lingerie, she realizes her soulmate isn't who she thinks he is.

In 1867, poor little Thomas Lawson, on the edge of homelessness, believed in luck, and luck struck.

The final book of the Passaic River Trilogy takes the reader from 1947 Newark through the dark shadows where mindless brutes of all classes preyed on the helpless. For the first-time muscular feminism was changing the world with Rosie the Riveter pumping her biceps on posters from coast-to-coast.

In a near future where the law has not yet caught up with our ability to predict criminal behaviour, young boys are being locked up for crimes they have yet to commit. One boy escapes, but to remain free he needs to work out who he really is and why the people chasing him now want him dead.

She was his one obsession . . . he married someone else. Casting a daring spell, Hologram will stretch your imagination—and your psyche. Award-winning author Jo Deniau’s second novel weaves science, romance, metaphysics, and magic realism into a romping adventure story.

Genre: Drama

Nowhere to go. Impossible to stay. The last remaining Chalet Park residents are about to lose their homes to the sea. 21-year-old Lizzie can't understand why they don't leave. But they are up to something odd. Will they have time to enact their plan before their way of life is gone forever?

A boy’s quest spans a man’s lifetime. His search for the Mystery of Life.

Genre: Crime

When his nephew Philip is threatened by a former child soldier and a gangster with a grudge against him, Byron Mason returns to Manchester. Working with fellow former Royal Marine, Adam Sterling, he fights to keep Philips family safe, but the gangster is determined to take revenge on Byron.

Genre: Fantasy

Does Norah hail from a matriarchal lineage of madwomen? Or an Irish ancestry of female power and purpose? Secrets and revelations pour forth from a mysterious family diary as Norah connects the stories and lives of her foremothers, healing her maternal relationship in the process.

'Clarionettes' is set in the industrial town of Halifax, 1896. The radical Clarion cycling club brings young men and women from all walks of life together for the first time. Seeking freedom, happiness and love, they find these mean different things to one another as they journey to their futures.

Genre: Memoir

This memoir started with one love story—I had no idea it would end with another. The extraordinary chapters of my life alongside my beloved Bernie were filled with wonders, cherished memories, and profound love. Confronted with the reality of his terminal illness, our story took an unexpected turn.

The only thing 11-year old Finn looks forward to are the visits of his Uncle Henry, who always arrives with amazing gifts and unbelievable stories. When Henry goes looking for his father’s ship, lost in the Arctic 40 years ago, Finn can't believe the stories - until he joins in the adventure himself...

On the pirate island of Bosch, nearly eleven-year-old twins Kik and Mac stumble upon a hidden treasure map, launching them into an adventure that tests their bond, uncovers family secrets, and reshapes their understanding of identity and loyalty.

Expelled from a private academy for knifing a classmate, twelve-year-old Garret Connachan joins Captain Drake’s fleet as a midshipman. Striving to earn a captaincy among marauding 16th-century pirates is complicated by a family secret shared by the rising pirate’s father just prior to departure.

Forget what you think you know about dreams, spirits and the Otherworld —the spirits themselves with set you straight.

This is a collection of short stories. The improbable stories include traditional fiction, but fully warped out of reality. Yet, the stories have an authoritative and convincing ring! Just imagine a universe (as big as the present one). And much more such tales.

Have you ever wondered how some people deal with the challenges of life with confidence and turn their dreams into reality? Well, maybe someone will help you find a secret to embark on a transformative journey toward a life filled with purpose and accomplishment. The first and most important step is...

Genre: Memoir

"Black on Madison Avenue" gives readers a sense of what it’s like to be Black in the ad business. “Mad Men from a Black perspective.” For an industry that professes to be the vanguard of creativity and popular culture, advertising is one of the most un-diverse white collar professions in America.

Genre: Romance

In the midst of grieving for his beloved Annie, Lincoln West reunites with an old flame who gets entangled with a merciless Mexican drug cartel. Together, they maneuver through the treachery, unearth long-buried family truths, and discover an anointed granddaughter who holds the key to their...

A nameless child’s body dumped on an Italian beach; an Italian conman, Alessandro Verdi, murdered in London. Yet all clues lead to the hillside town of Montecatini della Torre in Tuscany. Everyone has a theory, but can, Agata, former lover of Alessandro, sift fact from gossip to uncover the truth?

“Fish-Story” is a poetic fictional story about the adventures and wonders of fishing. Written to engage young and old readers alike.

June 18, 1541, the first recorded Europeans crossed the Mississippi River into the once densely populated land of Nine-Rivers Valley. An epic adventure told from the perspective of the ancient people, who lived and survived America's deadliest invasion.

Adventure is found in unlikely places. Lily is a lonely child who lives in an old house by the banks of the Mississippi River. The house is mysterious with a closed door between two apartments. Lily hears a voice encouraging her to open the door, but she is scared to do so. Curiosity can be good.

Genre: Sci-Fi

There’s an inter-dimensional war brewing. I’m slap bang in the middle of it … and it’s my fault My family are killers, kidnappers, slavers It’s up to me and my collection of misfits to stop them.Until something unthinkable happened. We lost one of our own.How can we save mankind now?

Genre: Fantasy

A possessed book of near antiquity is stolen. Legend has it that, within the book, are the means by which a satanic ceremony can be performed that will unleash hell’s demons on earth. Melanie Ashford buys the book for Peter, her husband, an expert in the occult. She rises from her chair to retrieve...

Genre: Sci-Fi

Caught between her commander’s demands, her husband's wishes, and her vengeful past, Kat Wallace embarks on a perilous mission to end enslavement on New Earth, risking everything to captain her own destiny.

Genre: Sci-Fi

When a solar flare plunges the world into chaos and tears apart her family, retired teacher Laurie navigates a fractured America on foot, braving weakened magnetic fields and societal collapse, desperate to reach her sons - one clinging to safety in Africa, the other lost in the urban sprawl of a...

Genre: Crime

Josna Pandi is a constable on her first murder case. She is British Indian, independently wealthy, intellectually gifted, wilful, judgmental, and competitive. She attracts prejudice and reproach from colleagues but learns charity and compassion whilst uncovering who weaponised a Le Creuset saucepan.

Genre: Horror

The Turners are house-hunting. Passing by a large but dilapidated property buried in dense foliage, Robin strangely faints. Upon recovering, she insists upon viewing the house, later demanding Gil buy it. He angrily asks why she wants such a monstrosity. Robin slowly replies, "I don't know why."

The Beastly Baron is not as nice man. He shouts too much and doesn’t keep his promises. When he breaks his word to the Warty Witch though, things go very go very badly for him. Then they get much, much worse!

Genre: LGBT

A gay Catholic boy is orphaned at birth and navigates various foster placements in Catholic boarding schools and Rural Foater homes while trying to find himself against the backdrop of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Trigger Warning: One Chapter includes a description of a sexual assault.

Currently disowned by England, privateer Garret Connachan saves an infamous pirate's drowning crewmate. In return, he discloses a plot to defraud Spain’s King Philip. Garret faces overturning the plot or forever being labeled a pirate—not only by the King but also by former ally, Queen Elizabeth.

When the Germans occupy northern Italy in 1943, vowing to steal Italy's cultural heritage, a young art curator has to decide whether to embark on a perilous mission to save the thousands of priceless works of art hidden in the countryside she calls home.

'A story of love and tragedy' Based on a true story, Gwendoline explores the challenges facing women in the 1900s, the struggles confronted by individuals suffering from mental health issues, and the devastating impact these issues can have on their families.

Tatae’s Promise is a never-before-told, true, historical drama in which a young Jewish woman fights to resist her Nazi captors, survive years in the Mlawa ghetto, escape Auschwitz with her younger sister, and fulfill her murdered father’s last promise to her: you will live and you will tell.

A time travel story about survival and coming to terms with losing home, family and everything that matters, and how unexpected and unlikely friendships make life still worth living

An accidental overdose deposits a conflicted young woman in a surreal afterlife, but with help from an unlikely cast of souls, and eternity’s least qualified therapist, she might just fine more than eternal peace.

Book 2 in trilogy. Jiddy returns to the Bay and immerses herself in smuggling. But her sweetheart wants to make an honest living, The obsessed Captain of the Dragoons is more determined than ever to capture wrong-doers like Jiddy. She has to choose doing what she loves or losing Jonas forever.

Genre: Sci-Fi

In a quest to dismantle 24th-century Earth's human trafficking rings, Kat Wallace, a fierce escapee of enslavement, joins the Bosch Pirate Force. As she rises through the ranks with fiery determination, unexpected romance and loyalty tests threaten to derail her mission and her quest for belonging.

A private detective in 1954 Hong Kong has an alter ego, a killer known as BlackJack. And that killer is slowly taking control.

Helgha falls in love with Erik but he must marry within his class. Helgha is jealous of his wife and plots to prevent her having children. She is accused of witchcraft and flees with her two sons. They go to a Christian village but she falls in love with the theign. It all starts again with jealousy...

Rescued at birth, Jiddy Vardy grows up in Robin Hood's Bay, a coastal community which harbours a dangerous secret that could get you killed. Always the outsider, at sixteen, Jiddy is clever, brave and headstrong, soon risking her life and freedom to play her part in the Bay's clandestine activities.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Aliens are stealing human souls to reincarnate them as slaves in another dimension How do I know? …I’m one of them. My narcissistic father is central to this scam. I’ve had enough. My friends and I are going to bring him down. …If my violent, pain-in-the ass, human partner doesn’t kill me first.

Jimmy the orphaned alien has many skills. The Emerald Lake is breached and thirty Aquamites are swept into a poisonous radioactive environment Annison refused help until all her friends were treated and she slipped into a coma. She is doomed unless Jimmy can obtain aid from a higher authority.

An English aristocrat assumes a highwayman's identity to restore stolen fortunes, meeting the love of his life along the way, though unbeknown to him, he had killed her fiancé in a duel and she was out for revenge.

A foolish young American caught during the 1837 Canadian Rebellion, is sentenced and transported to Van Diemen's Land, endures unspeakable hardships in different penal stations, has a disastrous love affair, and makes a daring escape on a whaling ship, leaving him a saddened changed man .

Genre: Sci-Fi

Two lab dogs set out to rid the planet of all suffering after gaining unimaginable mental power, and enough skills to learn all about the world by hacking the lab's Internet. A team of young researchers, a farmer, a girl from the Gadigal tribe, and an ET join their quest through space and time.

I wish to enter for the Phoenix award with this story since early Welsh medieval history is little known and chronicled; I hope to shed light on a particularly dark corner of early medieval history.

What would you do if you knew you had 10 days to live? Get your legal affairs in order? Contact family, friends, lovers, and ex-lovers. Take a trip or make an exceptional donation? Clean the house and do the laundry? Or ... would you kill someone?

Genre: Memoir

An extraordinary memoir of Communist China, the Cultural Revolution, and a yearning to be free.