2024 Golden Screenwriter Award

When a severe drought makes potable water expensive, a powerful drug kingpin decides it's more profitable to sell water. He decides to manipulate the U.S. water supply and take over the White House, but the Secretary of Homeland Security races to stop him by any means necessary.

Genre: Romance

A tragic love story of a socialite’s extramarital affair and heart-rendering romance with a dashing local farmer set in post-World War I Switzerland, comparable to Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary, and Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Controlled nuclear fusion is decades away? Not for the Aussie start-up HB11 whose project creates electricity at near room temp. When the start-up is robbed by the North Korean Wong, it falls to the Aussie spy chief's son Jacob to recover the material.

Genre: Sci-Fi

In this dystopian sci-fi thriller, humanity will soon end. The Alien leader from the planet Gilese offers humans a chance to survive, but at a price.

When a disavowed CIA operative living in “Magnum-era” Honolulu is brought up on 94 fraud charges, he’s paired with a rookie Public Defender to prove his innocence, but the Court disallows all “classified” evidence that might clear his name.

In 1975, Montgomery, Alabama, veterinarian Paul Hartley and his partner thought they could avoid homophobia by moving to a small town, but the town gossip lady has other ideas in this heartwarming LGBTQ dramedy.

Genre: LGBT

This is the story of a young boy growing up in the family home living with an uncle that molests him. The grandmother knew about the abuse but did nothing to stop it. The uncle eventually goes to prison for the same type of crime. Throughout his childhood, he is told that he apparently has “female”...

Based on a true story, a high school bully who continually harasses his teacher learns a lesson the hard way in this short heartwarming drama.

Q: What makes people different from all the other animals? A: Money.

Inspired by a true story, an elderly woman recounts the tales of her ancestors from the glittering age of the Romanovs through today, and how their struggles, sacrifices, and perseverance has impacted her decision whether or not to have an operation to save her life.

When the ex-President of Brazil is condemned to jail, he pulls off a daring escape and takes with him a British journalist, Tom Baker who becomes the Fall Guy.

Bullying that many young people receive in todays ever increasing social media exposure needs to be addressed head-on. My storytelling book gives the reader solid ways to survive.

Genre: Drama

Inspired by a true story, RACHEL STEIN teaches a valuable life lesson about adversity she hopes will make a difference in her students' lives. She relates the tales of her ancestors' struggles and sacrifices, and how they overcame adversity from the glittering age of the Romanovs through today.

Genre: Fantasy

Destined to become Queen of the Fairies, fate has decreed Faylinn needs to create her magical Kingdom with the help of her Prince, Hipponian, but unrelentingly, The Slayer has her in his sights until the final battle reveals the true Queen of the Fairies.

Tom Baker, British journalist, writes up articles on ex-President "Chico" da Silva, now the presidential front runner. Baker will find out that politics in Brazil can be very, very dirty.

An inspirational tale of friends pulled apart by war based on the true story of an African serviceman who became a prisoner of war to the Japanese but was returned to the woman he loved before America bombed Tokyo in WWII.

The inventor of a watch that issues a final notice of a wearer’s death, partners with an FBI agent to stop the random murders by wearers. The murders escalate from random senior citizens to organized crime, to Russian operatives, and the targets escalate from ordinary citizens to the White House.

Jaimie Lee, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) Director discovers he has a son, Jacob, the nerd who is behind a weather machine operated by the Russian Starkov. Wind and rain! But who will shine?

New York City, 1978 - After fatal design errors are revealed in Citicorp Center tower, can the architect admit his flaws and repair them in total secrecy - before a journalist drops her devastating exposé - and do it in time to save Manhattan from a massive, crushing disaster?

The untold story of Freddie Mercury’s escape from the Zanzibar Revolution of 1964.

In 1897, Vladimir Kaminskaya is whisked away to the Winter Palace by Tsar Nicholas II's Royal Guards. Terrifying thoughts fill his mind. Was he being arrested? What crime did he commit?

A mailman's life changes forever when he uncovers a conspiracy and cover up of a genocide during a mysterious flu epidemic in the United States. He is about to blow the whistle, but becomes the target of his own assassination attempt to keep him quiet.

Genre: Drama

Young Tracy’s new job offers a chance to learn a worthwhile trade, but her affable boss harbours a secret she must atone for.

The true story of a selfish German-Jewish refugee living in London who commits identity theft to become an RAF bomber pilot, is shot down and captured by the Nazis, and must escape before they realize his true identity.

After discovering the death of his elder daughter was via a car bomb, George Trimbol, headteacher and ex-SAS captain, sets out to find who was responsible and take revenge. He squares off against El Vaticano, South America's top narco-trafficker.

Genre: Romance

Emma, a liberal environmental activist and hopeful film producer, falls for a modern-day Robin Hood who accidentally kidnaps her during a heist, as they embark on a eco-warrior journey fraught with peril and passion.

Set in Lake Como, Italy 1927, Inspector Lionetti must decipher who killed a wealthy American tycoon. Everyone hated the man, and everyone had a motive. So, who killed him?

Genre: Drama

A complex story of overlapping cult groups: one, an afterschool meditation group that moves forward from one side; the other, an underground vigilante bible study group that moves forward from the other side; intersecting for a battle of the fittest. PALINDROME; a suspenseful sequence that reads the...

Poland 1939, three men have a chance to hit back at the invading Nazis by stealing their prized Enigma Machine and delivering it to the Allies. Even with help from loyal patriots to get Out of Poland, they struggle to outrun the German General obsessed with the return of “Baby”.