Young Writer Award 2023

Genre: Sci-Fi

SILENT, EMPTY, AND CRUEL. THIS WAS THE NATURE OF THE WASTELAND. Ignium was supposed to solve the world's energy crisis. Instead, it destroyed the planet. In the darkness of the 22nd century, survivors fight to endure what's left. London, a wasteland veteran, struggles to keep his promise to protect...

Idealistic eighteen-year-olds James and Alfie take to the road to escape another stifling summer in rural south-west England – but youth is both a blessing and a curse, and when they meet the captivating Bella, a dangerous love triangle soon unfurls.

Lucas Stokes has always felt like a nobody compared to his genius sister. But when she unveils her invention of time travel to the world, he convinces her to let him join the team on a daring mission back in time to save the planet from climate disaster.

Genre: Sci-Fi

What does love look like in the time of zombies?

In a world under extreme surveillance, we follow a lonely hit-man with a unique penchant for predicting people's behaviour, as he uses his savant-like skill to try and covertly murder a terrifyingly evil politician. All while struggling to deal with his attachment and co-dependency issues.

Genre: LGBT

A girl has a crush on her best friend but reaches an untimely death. She then, follows her friend around trying to get in contact with her until she is confronted by evil spirits that live in her new world.

The book covers business basics with a framework that includes growing trends in HR and finance, providing inspiration, tips, strategies, and overlooked topics like workplace wellness and women in business. It also offers a roadmap for startups making it a golden resource for business enthusiasts.

Genre: Drama

In a retelling of Helen of Troy, Helen is persuaded to leave behind her home and her true love for a charming city reporter. Her husband, Josh, and her godson, Micah, must find a way to bring her home as she hopelessly spirals into her own ruin.

Genre: Fantasy

‘What comes of a future sowed onto the bed of one’s death? A young woman, perhaps, who must find a way to piece the world back together with the hope that her sister gave her.’ In the land of Vadilea, where power and prejudice coexist in an uneasy balance, two sisters, bound by blood and destiny...

Swing dancing becomes the catalyst for a series of flashbacks that brings Norah Destin into the WWII memories of a female correspondent. As Norah's own life begins to parallel all things vintage, the women's connection puts both their lives in danger, bridging one’s past into the other’s future.

Genre: Fantasy

When Luke wakes up, he doesn't know how he ended up at the manor, only that his sister his missing and that a friend he thought dead was involved. Glamoured and weak from an ordeal he can't remember, Luke is forced to trust his new wardens to find his sister, all while trying to hide an ugly truth.

Genre: Sci-Fi

How hard must a man fight when the apocalypse arrives? Civil war ravages the country. The economy collapses. A plague spreads like fire, and pollution darkens the sky. This is the toxic world of Robert Ashton. A wasteland of broken dreams, death, tech, and mutants. But he is not alone. He and his...

Genre: Sci-Fi

What is it like to return to Earth a hundred years after its downfall? Two years ago, Simon, a revolutionary from the Arcadis space station, fled to Earth. The alien planet he finds is backward and primitive. While Simon struggles to adapt, his newfound friend Anna guides him through life in the new...

Genre: Fantasy

Sorcery has long been lost to the world. But in the face of deadly disease, Ruymir Aleyson sets out on a lethal journey across a harsh continent and an impassable ocean to discover if any truth remains to ancient legend.

Genre: Memoir

I am familiar with death. It surrounds me every day - my family owns a funeral service. Death didn't scare me until I almost died at 20 years-old following an appendectomy and a sepsis diagnosis. In the midst of this life-changing experience, I examine my own existence as malady possesses me.

A jaded woman impersonates her perfect sister to get her dream job which soon turns into a farcical nightmare.

Genre: Fantasy

When a royal assassin is sent to discover why shipments are going missing, she finds herself deep within the kingdom that killed her parents, and the dragons she believed to be a myth.

An adrift highschooler, having failed at using her gravity-based superpowers for good, decides to instead take a risky internship selling them for a profit.

When the responsibility of unravelling a conspiracy falls onto Tj’s shoulders, she has to decide where her loyalty lies—to the King paying her, the father who tortured her, or the naive boy in her care?