Jenni Harrison ~ Young Writer Award Judge

Jenni Harrison ~ Young Writer Award Judge

Jenni Harrison Editorial Manager for Young Writers is judging the Page Turner Young Writer Award in 2021. Jenni has been an editor with Young Writers for ten years, selecting, editing and judging stories and poems from young authors from across the UK and USA.

Jenni's favourite part of the job is seeing the creativity and imagination they write with, and also how inspired and encouraged they are when they see their poem or story in an anthology.

In this time she has also worked as an editor for Spiderwize, working on a wide range of fiction and memoirs.

After reading all day, any spare time Jenni has is spent reading more for pleasure. She will happily read any genre, but particularly enjoys ghost stories, women’s fiction and a classic whodunnit, anything with a hint of mystery or magic, and also YA fiction – there seems to be so much more choice than when she was in that age group!

I can’t wait to see the entries, I’m looking for compelling beginnings that pull you into the story, and interesting characters to take you the rest of the way.

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