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"Bloom of a Drunken Coconut" by Jaya Padmanabhan
Genre: Adult

Mute Leela uses her slate and a vast botanical vocabulary to heal the ailments of the people in her village, yet is unable to protect the people she loves when a socialist insurrection and police brutality threaten to uproot her life.

"Well...That Was Awkward" by meganmontgomerywrites Montgomery
Genre: Romantic Comedy

When Emerson is mistaken for a panhandler by a clean-cut fighter pilot, it might finally be time to take a wrecking ball to that gruff exterior she’s built to keep love out, but the heavy equipment slams harder than it looks as she grapples with trusting herself before she can trust love.

"The Other Side of Sunshine" by jaidyngroth Groth
Genre: Young Adult
Teenagers in a mental health camp try to track down a mysterious author, all the while trying to deal with their own mental health issues. *Silver Linings Playbook meets Looking for Alaska*

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"Lipstick on a Pig" by Tee O'Neill
Genre: Crime

While researching a play about vegetarians from history, Tilda meets a contemporary animal activist that inspires the blocked playwright to make her the main character. When the Agricultural Minister is taken hostage on her farm by her protagonist. Tilda has to make some real life plot decisions.