2021 Book Award Best Covers

These books were entered into Page Turner Awards Book Award. You can see our Book Award Shortlist here, but we loved these covers and awarded these books with a special prize, namely Best Book Cover.

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Traitor cover image: A closeup of a hooded young woman, her face cast in deep shadows and lit by harsh firelight.
"Traitor" by Melissa Ragland
Genre: Fantasy

A headstrong noble heiress raised with an unorthodox set of skills finds herself entangled in a deadly conspiracy as she makes her debut at court.

The Stars of Locust Ridge by Craig Moody
"The Stars of Locust Ridge" by CraigMoody Moody
Genre: Paranormal
The Stars of Locust Ridge captures the journey of one young woman's coming-of-age acceptance of family truths, the extraordinary bond between women, and the unbreakable ties of kinship, both blood and beyond.

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A woman faces outward, a light held in her cupped hands. Behind her the city burns.
"The Last Keeper of the Light" by Nikki Broadwell
Genre: Fantasy

The world was dark, the grid down—probably for good. No one knew why.

Raiders held the upper hand, combing the forests in search of what they needed. Weapons were in short supply, as was food and clean water.

Cover of Knife Edge by Kerry Buchanan. Shows a girl running towards an abandoned cottage. Overcast skies.
"Knife Edge" by Kerry Buchanan
Genre: Crime
The role of victim doesn't sit well with Nic. After escaping from a serial attacker, she inserts herself into the police investigation but her actions put those she loves in grave danger. Despite this, she refuses to give up.

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