2021 Young Writer Award Finalists

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Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2021 Young Writer Award finalists. Please join us in congratulating these rising stars by leaving them a comment at the bottom of their finalist submission (click 'see more') or join in the discussion in our finalists' forum. The finalists' listed below are shown in random order.

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Adhara Martellini Martellini for "Beauty"

I am a writer from France, currently an undergraduate student at Stanford University. I fell in love with the English language at an early age thanks to authors like Terry Pratchett or Philip Pullman. Beauty is the only book I have written so far, and it grew up with me. I was eleven years old when

Mranlee Cala for "Efflorescence"

I am a Filipino author-in-the-making whose biggest dream is to become a traditionally published author. I love reading and writing fantasy. I am 21 years old and currently working on my first novel, which is set to be finished around late July to early August.

Angelica Krikler for "Anglesea Road "

I am currently completing my English Literature degree at the University of Leeds. In my spare time I write poetry and music reviews, which have been featured in the likes of: Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Claremont Review, Babystep Magazine, Nice People, Lippy Mag, Dear Damsels, and The Gryphon.

Hannah Haynes for "The Coming to be of the Mermaid Knight"

My name is Hannah Haynes, and I’m a 25 year old typesetter for a Cambridge-based exam board. Though born in Yorkshire, I grew up in Cheshire, where I attended the historic King’s School in Macclesfield. I found it difficult to settle on what subjects I wanted to pursue, with careers in both history

Shenae Mazure for "All Our Broken Tomorrows"

Shenae is a student currently completing a Masters in Environmental Science. When she's not studying or writing, she is either swimming or spending time with her golden retriever.

Liam Keller for "Moonshine Lemonade"

Liam Keller is a technical writing student based in Ottawa, Canada. A casual interest for several years, over the course of the pandemic writing has come to represent something more significant to him, as with many others. He is the winner of the Meet Me @ 19th Street Q1 2021 writing competition

J. L. Willow for "Shut Eye"

J. L. Willow voraciously read everything she could get her hands on as a child and continues to this day. She was inspired by the way words on a page could capture the imagination, beginning her journey as a writer at just six years old. When she’s not holding a pencil or a book, she can be found

Charlie Kendall for "I Didn't Plan For This"

I've always been an avid reader, even as a child. My mum instilled this within me. I was told that I was always allowed to buy more books, even if I'd used up my pocket money for that week. As I got older, I started writing my own stories. Of course, I look back now at the ones I wrote at a young

Elisabeth Krauel for "Forgive or Forget"

My name is Elisabeth Krauel. I am 20 years old and live in Germany, where I am currently training to become a doctor. Although I love studying medicine with a passion, I rather miss there being a creative side to my further education. At school, I used to thoroughly enjoy the reading and creative

Tereza Dušková for "Orion"

I'm a Czech writer, based in London. My dream and goal is to become a storyteller who shares inspiring and honest stories and characters with the world. I have been fascinated by books and films ever since I was a kid and I started writing the moment I could hold a pen. I am currently writing an

jaidyngroth Groth for "The Cursed Pirate"

Best described as 'a unicorn in pyjamas', I spend most of my days consuming too much coffee, writing contemporary YA, fantasy and murder mysteries and travelling around my home country of Australia. I am lucky enough to be working as a hiking tour guide in the middle of a global pandemic, which is a

jaidyngroth Groth for "The Other Side of Sunshine"

Best described as 'a unicorn in pyjamas', I spend most of my days consuming too much coffee, writing contemporary YA, fantasy and murder mysteries and travelling around my home country of Australia. I am lucky enough to be working as a hiking tour guide in the middle of a global pandemic, which is a

Hayley Watson for "Mirrored"

Born and raised in Kent, my love for writing began with poetry; filling notebooks and proudly presenting my work to anyone who would listen. Later, in my teens, I discovered that I had a musical ear – after having taught myself piano – and began writing songs. And the best thing about songwriting is

Morgan Shoemaker for "When Dead Dogs Wake"

M.J. Shoemaker is a writer, artist, and recent college graduate with a degree in statistics. He currently lives in sunny southern California with his six pet beetles and a beautiful, wild garden. Ever since he first learned to hold a pencil, he has been recording his stories and sharing them with

Hannah Tomkins for "Roses and Ravens"

A Hufflepuff striving to be more Gryffindor, I'm utterly obsessed by books. It's been my dream for as long as I can remember to one day become a full time writer/author. I have loads of different projects that I'm working on, but Roses and Ravens is the one I'm most proud of and most recently

Theresa Naue for "A First Time For Everything"

Writing is a personal matter for me—my escape, my anchor, my method to process what life is throwing at us every day. I'm twenty years old and was born in Germany. I started writing in German as a little child already. From short stories in grade school to full-length (100-180k words) fanfictions as

Frances Raybaud for "It Killed the Cat"

Franny Claer (they/them) is a non-binary individual living in Washington DC with diplomatic aspirations and a penchant for sarcastic dialogue- both in writing and real life.

Jenna Johnson for "Cursed Heir"

Hi, my name is Jenna. I work as a part time editor and keep up my writing in my free time. I enjoy reading and writing fantasy fiction, especially young adult fiction, and have spent the last few years working on my own book series that I hope to get published some day. I earned a bachelor's degree

Erin Tooley for "Our New Reality"

Computer Science student from the American Midwest with a love of stories. I’m currently interested in themes of characters exploring mental and physical health and learning to accept new situations. Most recently I’ve been exploring the concept of grief for your old self or life: whether it be

Jasmine Burke for "All That Lies Here Broken"

I'm a girl in her twenties with a passion for writing and a dream of one day being published. I have been writing books since I was 6 years old, but this has been the first large novel that I've actually finished, so that's very exciting! I used to spend my summer holidays sat in my room delving

Reuben Mainprize for "A Spy's Diploma"

19 year old from Oxford, UK on a gap year before going to Bristol University in September 2021 I've been writing since I was about six and over lockdown completed my first novel 'A Spy's Diploma', which is the first in a series of seven planned books. Within said series, I'm hoping to break away

Alex La Torre for "Stolz"

I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2020, gaining a BA Hons in English with Creative Writing. I've spent the past year working on a collection of stories written in narrative verse under the title 'Nursery Rhymes for the Frightfully Inclined'. If there's a border between the realms of

R. A. Mayes Mayes for "The Shadow"

She/her. 22 years old. Australian. Fiction author, mostly fantasy and adventure/action novels but have dabbled in a bit of everything. I want to become a published novelist and make a difference through my writing. Books have had such an impact on my life that it is my dream to continue this cycle

Sydney E. Low for "H0M3 FR33"

I am a long-time writer and yet-to-be author and I spend more of my time time thinking about fictional worlds than real ones. I've been telling stories since I learned to talk and writing since I could hold a pencil. I write almost exclusively YA fiction, with the odd poem thrown in for fun. The

Lily Lu for "The Little Soul Mage"

Lily Lu is a 21-year-old budding author of YA fantasy fiction. She loves character-driven stories and stories about regular people going about their lives in a fantasy setting. Outside of writing, she is a PhD student at DePaul University in Chicago, where she lives with her three cats.

Kay Mancino for "Her Winter Blade "

Kay Mancino is a 19 year-old Creative Writing major from Long Island, New York. Growing up, they realized their voice was loudest when writing stories, so that is what they want to spend the rest of their life doing. In their free time, you will find them crocheting blankets for their dog and

Georges le Macon for "COLD STREAM"

Some of my biggest inspirations creatively are Stephen King, Thomas Harris, William Peter Blatty, William Goldman and Kenneth Lonergan. I aspire to one day make these novelists and screenwriters my competition and hope that people will compare me to them favourably. I’m confident I’ll achieve this

Lily Ziyan Wang for "A Taste of Crimson"

Hi, I'm a 20-year-old student studying at the business school of the University of Toronto. My writing dream is one day to publish one or more of my novels! I enjoy reading literature but writing plot-driven fantasy or crime with a dash of romance. Readers have described my works as "descriptive and