Book Marketing on a Budget Workshop

Book Marketing on a Budget Workshop Prize From Page Turner Awards

You’ve written – or are writing your book – now fight for it! In this workshop, we’ll focus on over two dozen book marketing tips, with a close eye on budgets. From book launches, social media, blogging and podcasting, to writing press releases, creating Amazon Author’s pages, and connecting with publicists, we’ll fill your head, and notebook with ideas; over 30 of them!

If you think writing a book is exciting, wait until you feel the thrill of professionally promoting it!

A five-time Bestselling author, and 35-year professional speaker, Rob has travelled over 2.5 million miles promoting his books, and delivering workshops all over the world. He trains authors to market and promotes their books for two different publishers, The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and as a personal coach.

This Award Includes:

• 32 Marketing Idea
• Techniques on Book Launches
• Tips on Negotiating Bulk Sales
• Working With Book Distributors
• Incorporating Bureaus
• Creating blogs and podcasts
• Participant Guides Capturing All Pertinent Information

What this book marketing prize can do for you:

Rob's experience as a book promoter will help you with ideas on how and where to promote your books to find new readers - all on a limited book marketing budget.

Program Length: Two, 2-Hour sessions

Prize Value: $750

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