Copyedit of Your Novel

Win a copyedit of your novel from Lisa Gilliam

Win a copyedit of your novel from Lisa Gilliam

You've already got your story exactly the way you want it. You've done as much self-editing as you can. Now it's time for a copyedit. A copyedit deals with the nuts and bolts of your words, sentences, and paragraphs. It involves not only error correction but some minor smoothing of sentences, elimination of repetition, fact-checking your story's details and ensuring consistency in characters, settings, and plot.

Prize includes:

- A full copyedit of up to 80,000 words
- A custom style sheet (which is a separate document that lists style choices, characters, locations, proper nouns, and any specific words that may be rare or unique to the manuscript)
- A cleanup pass (where Lisa will edit any changes you make based on her comments and suggestions from the first pass)

What will this prize do for you?

After your manuscript is copyedited, it will be ready for layout into print and/or ebook, the final step before proofreading.

Prize Value: £900

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