Fiction Manuscript Evaluation

Fiction Manuscript Evaluation Prize

Win a free fiction manuscript evaluation from Kristin Noland, a professional editor with years of experience.

Here’s how it works.

Kristin will read your manuscript, write a report on what is working and what is not using specific examples from your book, and make suggestions on how you can approach improving your novel.

The evaluation report will address:

- Plot and Novel Structure
- Pacing
- Scene Structure
- Narrative Distance
- Maintaining POV
- Worldbuilding and setting descriptions
- Varying sentence structure
- Word Choices

You will receive invaluable feedback which will help you see where you should concentrate your editing.

What this manuscript evaluation prize will do for you:

When querying agents or publishers for your manuscript, you will have an excellent chance of standing out amongst all the submissions they receive. With Kristin's experience in plotting, story structure, pacing, scenes, and much more, your novel will shine and you be asked by the literary agent to send more than just the submission chapters.

Prize Value $700

Please visit Kristin’s experience, portfolio, and testimonials.


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Fiction Manuscript Evaluation Prize