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Page Turner Awards Prize - Manuscript Assessment From Black Water Press

Have your manuscript professionally assessed by one of Blackwater's editors, with the same care and attention it would receive if accepted for publication.

Writing a book isn’t easy. It’s no surprise that only a tiny percentage of manuscripts actually make it to publication. But why is this? In our experience, it’s because although many of the manuscripts we receive have the bones of a great novel or non-fiction book, with beautiful sentences and engaging content, the author could really use an editor’s assessment. It’s a strange paradox that only the authors with the most accomplished, polished manuscripts – or in other words, those who least need it – will ever have their work pored over by an editor. An important factor in what makes the best books so good is quite simply that more minds have been collaborating on them for longer.

So what does the service entail?

For our manuscript assessment, you will be allocated an editor who will give your manuscript the care and attention it would receive if it had been accepted for publication. You will get an honest appraisal of the text’s potential, style, structure, format, pacing and all the rest, while we will also examine the text from a publisher’s perspective. Perhaps there are opportunities to expand the book’s potential audience or to make it stand out within its genre. No matter how well-executed, your book will not be accepted for publication if there are not enough people who will want to read it!

Assessments come in the form of a Word doc report.

Prize Value: $450

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