​​​​​​​One Month of Non-fiction Book Coaching with Bestselling Author

​​​​​​​One Month of Non-fiction Book Coaching with Bestselling Author

Are you a service-based professional or entrepreneur who wants to write a book to share your expertise with thousands more than you can with your service? Are you a first-time non-fiction author who can’t seem to start your book and don’t understand the writing and publishing process? Are you writing your second or third book, but seem to be stuck? Would you like the guidance and support of a seasoned professional and bestselling author?

Andrea Susan Glass, bestselling author and book coach, is offering one month of book coaching for a non-fiction author. It includes four 45-minute phone or Zoom calls to get the author started on a successful path to write and publish a book. This will be helpful for first-time unpublished authors as well as published authors who need support for their next book.

For 20+ years, Andrea has been helping hundreds of non-fiction authors at any stage of their book. Her coaching provides guidance, support, and accountability as well as writing tips and resources. Her objective with coaching clients is to set them up for success by clarifying their goals, their reader, and their message. She helps them to overcome fears and obstacles and develop productive writing habits to enable them to write and publish a book they’re proud of.

In 2021, Andrea published two books: "Your Fabulous First Book: How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection" and “My Fabulous First Book: A Workbook Companion to Your Fabulous First Book". She’s also a long-time instructor for the University of California in their creative writing and copy-editing certificate programs. Her 2022 goals include her third book, two online courses, and three coaching programs.

What this publishing prize will do for you

This month-long coaching will help new authors get started to write their best book based on gaining clarity of five key areas. It will also help the author decide on a title, develop the table of contents, set a writing schedule, and a timeline for writing and publishing. It will help published authors with any areas that are challenging with their next book.

Prize Value: $347

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