One-on-one Online Creative Writing Workshop

One-on-one Online Creative Writing Workshop

Win a one-on-one online creative writing workshop with author, editor and writing coach, Hedi Lampert.

Starting Your Engine
This session is going to get you out of the starting blocks. We’ll blow the cover on all the reasons you’re currently not writing, then arm you with the motivation, structure, space and most importantly, the inspiration to move forward.

Your prize is the flagship session of Hedi Lampert’s Creative Flow Course, which is thoughtfully crafted and structured to entice the words within to get up and dance across the page!

What this online creative writing workshop will do for you:

Learning how to structure and craft novels with an online course in your own time will allow you to improve your writing for future pitching to literary agents looking for new writers. And to enter good quality submissions to international writing contests.

About your coach

Hedi Lampert is a professional writer and editor with over 30 years of experience and a massive portfolio of published work in magazines and newspapers. She is also the author of the novel, The Trouble With My Aunt.

Having attended numerous creative writing workshops and completed three online writing courses, Hedi shares with you, what she believes to be the most effective and exciting of all the lessons learnt along the way.

She has a BA in English Literature from Wits University.

Other published work includes a biography – With My Head Held High – The Mike Greeff Story.

Hedi Lampert’s short story, Photographs, appears in a compilation called Women Flashing.

“I tailor my coaching to your writing requirements and that's why it works.”

Hedi Lampert

Prize value: US $50

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