Book Adaptations Added To Screenplay Award Contest

Book Adaptations Added To Screenplay Award Contest

Oh wow, we have such exciting news for authors and writers!

We've been in lots of discussions with film producers judging our Screenplay Award.

We've explained that it's not easy for authors, with no experience in screenwriting, to adapt their books to screenplays as the two are completely different ways of writing a story. Thankfully, they understand this! What's more...they want to see your stories, even in manuscript format.

They are more than happy to read your stories and then, if they like your work and want to option it for producing it into a film, they will work with you and a screenwriting team to get your story adapted into a screenplay format.

How cool is that!

This is an incredible opportunity for authors, especially self-published authors who don't have a literary agent to sell their novel to a film producer.

So, now, all you have to do is to enter your book into the Screenplay Award and ensure that you have listed it under the screenplay category of 'Book Adaptation Needed.' The judges will see that these entries are not written in the industry standard script format and thus need to be adapted - if they like your story. Of course, there's one more essential element needed here - a captivating story!

If yours captures a judge's attention, there's a good chance it will be optioned for future film production! What are you waiting for? Head over to Page Turner Awards, register and follow the steps to enter your book into the Screenplay Award. Please check out the list of Screenplay Award Judges.

Questions you may ask:

  • Can I enter my book into the Screenplay Award? Yes! Enter it into the Screenplay Award under screenplay category of 'Book Adaptation Needed.'
  • Can I include my book cover? No. This could deter the judges looking at your entry. They want to see your writing and not be 'influenced' by the cover. They're asking that you DO NOT include a book cover, so they can visualize your story from your words not from your book cover. If they ask to see more of your story, you can show them the cover.
  • How do I enter? Register on Page Turner Awards. Login. Hover over Me > Steps to enter the awards > follow the steps. Or, from the page called 'Steps To Enter The Awards > watch the 3-minute video which shows you want to do. Check out this help link:
  • Can I enter my story into another award category as well as the Screenplay Award? Yes, you can enter your story into any of the award categories. You can just upgrade your membership to allow you to submit more than one story.
  • Can a writer with an unpublished manuscript also enter to have a book adaptation? Yes! You do the same thing and submit it under the Screenplay Award category of 'Book Adaptation Needed.' If a film producer is interested in adapting your story to a film there's a good chance a literary agent may also be keen to get your story published as a book.
  • Are the judges also looking for traditional actual scripts? Yes, absolutely. This is an added advantage for authors and writers, but all screenwriters are welcome to add their scrips for either a documentary, a film script or a television series.
  • Is this for any author, whether mainstream or independently and self-published? Yes, any author with a good story to tell is welcome to enter.
  • How long do I have to enter my submission? You have up until the end of May to add or edit your submission.
  • Is there a charge for entering? Yes, a submission costs £30.

I am SO JEALOUS that you have this incredible opportunity and I can't enter my own contest!