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All questions on submitting can be found here, which includes information about genres, spacing, how to enter a submission (which is only the first 10 pages - maximum 3000 words), how to fill out the submission form, how to edit your submission, spacing, fonts and italics, how to size your book cover, picture book submissions and screenplay submissions.


Submission Links: You will NOT see the submission links until you have registered. Entering is a two-step process, so please register a free account as a writer or author, and you will find all the details.

Steps On How To Enter Our Awards.

To enter you must register first – see how to do that on our menu under the tab called register.

1. Register
2. Check your inbox to verify your email
3. Login
4. Follow the instructions under ‘Steps to Enter’ – you will see this when you hover over Me tab when you are logged in. You will see that there are steps 1 – 4 and click each link to find out what to do next.

Other How To Enter Questions

Award Categories


How To Enter

Q: Where, when and how should I pay my membership fee and submit my work?
A: When you log in you will see ‘Authors and Writers Dashboard’ – to enter, check the 2021 Awards header and follow the links. This image of the Authors and Writers Dashboard is where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to see.

Q: What is the price to enter an award?
A: It costs £20 to enter a submission in any award category.

Q: I can't find the entry link
A: The entry link will only be visible to you once you have made your payment. Please log in > go to your 'Awards Submission Dashboard' to find the payment link. Once you have made your payment, come back to your 'Awards Submission Dashboard' and you will see a header called: Here is the Entry Link. Click on that link to enter your submission.

Q: How do I enter the awards?
Follow these steps:

1. Register a free account as an author or writer or screenwriter
2. Login
3. When you log in you will see ‘Authors and Writers Dashboard’ – to enter, check the 2021 Awards header and follow the links.

Q: If I turn 18 before the awards close, can I register and enter now?
A: Yes, you can. As long as you are 18 by the time the awards close at the end of May, you can enter.

Award Categories

Q: Which award category should I enter?
A: In total, there are five award categories, and you can enter up to five submissions across the different award categories.

Writing Award ~ for unpublished, completed manuscripts
Young Writer Award ~ for writers aged between 18 and 25
Writing Mentorship Award ~ for uncompleted manuscripts
Screenplay Award ~ for scriptwriters with a completed screenplay
Book Award ~ for authors with a published book, mainstream or independently published
All Awards accept fiction and non-fiction in all genres

You can submit an entry to more than one category. See the Award Membership Packages via your Authors and Writers Dashboard or the ME menu (when you are logged in).

Q: How many award categories can I enter?
A: You can select to enter any of the categories. A basic bronze package will give you one entry. A silver package will allow you to enter twice in any category, either two submissions to one category to one submission to any category. A gold package will allow you to enter five times in any category, which can be more than one submission to any chosen category or one submission to each category.

Q: If I enter the same piece of writing into two award categories, what do I have to do?
A: You need to enter it twice and each one you need to select the different category in the submission form.


Q: What is the deadline for entering?
A: Deadlines and Pricing

Early Bird Deadline: January 2021 to 28 February 2021 ~ £20
Normal Price: March, April, May ~ £30

Submission Deadlines
Final Deadline: 31 May 2021

Q: What is an early bird deadline?

A: This deadline is for a writer who has their manuscript ready to submit by the date stated for the early bird deadline. You will receive a discounted price to enter within this timeframe.

The Page Turner Awards early bird discount will end on Sunday 28th February.

The early bird discount is to help you enter our awards (with all the fantastic opportunities it offers writers and authors) at a lower cost. You don't have to actually submit your work when you take the early bird price. You still have until the end of May to add your work or to do any editing.

Q: Can I submit after the deadlines?
A: No. We have provided several deadlines to allow for writers who have their manuscript ready to go and for others who are still working on their first 10 pages or who want to take up one of our optional extras and thus need a little extra time to work on their pages before submission.

Q: When is the best time to submit my entry?
A: As soon as you have considered the optional extras, and you know which category you want to enter plus your award submission is ready, you can make your booking and entry submission.

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