Pitching Your Writing To Netflix

Pitching Your Writing To Netflix

There’s no better time to consider pitching your writing to Netflix. Whether that be a screenplay for film or television or a book you're adapting into a film script or television series.

Netflix's budget is huge, and they are looking for stories to produce! Stories across all genres, all cultures and diversities and from different countries around the globe. This makes it a wonderful time for writers to consider pitching their stories to Netflix.

And it's not only Netflix that are looking for screenplays from screenwriters or authors who are adapting their books to screenplays. Amazon Prime and Apple are also in the race for getting lots of film content from writers, both new and established writers. There's a bun-fight to procure, produce and stream original content. All as a result of the massive uptake in streaming service subscriptions since the pandemic began.

One way to get your writing involved in the surge is through a screenplay contest.

Of course, screenwriters, film producers, small indie filmmakers and authors adapting their books into films or television series are excited. Why not? It's an exciting time for writing and telling good stories.

Sadly, this big flood of millions of dollars and pounds being poured into visual content creation, doesn't mean you can knock on Netflix's door and show them your script. The normal channels must still be followed.

Naturally, screenwriters, filmmakers and digital content creators are excited. And they should be. But this massive buying frenzy doesn’t mean that the usual structure and hierarchy that rules traditional film and television markets should be ignored.

The guys at Netflix and Apple and Amazon Prime and the others in the market are all listening to hundreds of pitches each day. That's where a writer's bubble could burst or fizzle out of steam.

But don't be disheartened. Instead, be inspired by this wonderful opportunity out there for getting your stories into film and possibly streamed around the world to millions of viewers.

It sounds like a pipe-dream, and for the negative, cup-half-empty writers, it probably is just a far off dream. For the passionate writers who have a determined will to see their writing reach new heights, this is the perfect time to find out ways to pitch their writing to these big players.

So how do you get to be part of this energy flow? How do you get to pitch your screenplay film or television series to Netflix, Amazon and the other racers? One quick and simple way is to enter a screenplay contest where the judges are film producers looking for screenplays and book adaptations to option and produce.

Check out the Page Turner Screenplay Award, where the list of judges are all film producers actively looking for scripts to option and produce. These guys could get you and your script into the Netflix door!