A Legend Continues: Volume Two

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A Presidential race is underway between four cut throat senators with different visions for the world. As events unfold, Sky is faced with various challenges and forced to confront many secrets of his past. Meanwhile, John Lewis uncovers the truth behind his son and Jesse Dean's furtive resistance.
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As Sky spoke to the buoyant people that gathered to his rally, they were also saddened by the loss of Dominic Harvey. The people in attendance were faithful believers in the estranged ways Dominic had within his politics. Sky spoke to them to assure his followers that even though Dominic was gone, that he himself was going to run in the election to fulfill his fathers’ spot. “I understand that the world we live in isn’t the perfect world for us as it is, but neither was the one we lived in before this chaotic one. I will make some changes to Dominic’s world and give you one with less death and madness but remember that he worked tremendously hard to give you all a world without being trialed and jailed. He made us all our own judge, jury and executioner! Death is inevitable for us all. It is every man and woman’s end result,” Sky preached to those that were listening. The crowds’ eyes and ears were at full attention to Sky’s speech. “If elected, I may not be the previous President you all loved before me, but I will be the President you will all come to love and respect as his successor,” he reassured to the audience as he concluded his speech. The people began to cheer and chant his name. “Harvey! Harvey! Harvey!” they raved. Sky started to step down from the stage he was speaking at, as a man with a campaign shirt supporting Senator Harvey and a dark trench coat pushed his way up towards the front of the stage. The unidentified man pulled a gun out from his waistband and aimed it towards Sky. As he began to pull the trigger, another man came out of nowhere tackling the armed vigilante to the ground. A shot was fired, as the crowd began to disperse. The gun that the unidentified man was carrying dropped from his hands in front of Sky’s feet. He picked up the gun and pointed it towards the man who attacked him. “Don’t shoot, I have him pinned down. I repeat, don’t shoot!” the heroic man shouted. “What is your name?” Sky responded as if he was curious as to who had just saved his life. “My name is James Anderson. I saw this man push his way towards the front where I was standing. I reacted when I saw the gun emerge from the back of his waistband. Are you okay senator?” James asked as he continued to restrain the resisting vigilante. The military pushed their way towards the front podium to gain control of the situation. They were in shock of how someone was able to acquire and bring a gun into the rally without being detected. Security wasn’t very tight considering that it was illegal to possess a firearm, though they still stood on high alert and had previously searched many audience members that stood closest to the front staging area. The soldiers stood there with their guns drawn ready to execute the man responsible for trying to assassinate Senator Harvey. Sky directed them to stand down, as he responded to the man that had just saved his life. “I am fine, but I am confused as to why this man tried to attack me. Let him speak and give a reason for his actions,” Sky said in a stern and unforgiving voice. James picked the man up from the floor still restraining him. He tussled and struggled to break free as James placed him in a tighter choke hold. His arms tightly squeezed around his neck as the man quickly refrained from resisting. Sky glares at him with an evil look upon his face. He didn’t recognize him from anywhere. It just appeared to be a random guy that obviously did not support Sky’s politics and had just set out upon his own will to try and end the senator’s life. The man had a scruffy beard, and his face was dirty and fairly scratched. He responded, “My name is August. I am a savior to these people. I am a man not afraid to take on the son of Dominic Harvey. You are weak! And even though I didn’t prevail today, your time will come, like Dominic Harvey’s, where you will meet your satanic maker. Long live the resistance!” Sky quickly raised the gun towards the man’s head and fired off a shot, killing him. Small amounts of blood splattered onto James’ face, as he immediately released his hold on the man. The villainous desperado’s body fell to the ground as blood spewed from his bullet wound. Many spectators looked on in astonishment as they were mortified by the senators’ actions. For just a moment, many saw the same heartless kind of person they came to know as their President and world leader standing before them with a gun in his hand. The once shy and precarious boy was becoming a man similar to the fiend known as Dominic Harvey. The crowd took small steps back as the military rushed in and began dragging the man’s dead carcass away and commenced securing the area. “I am not WEAK, just because my name is not Dominic. I am still a ‘Harvey’. That’s one thing my father taught me at such a young age. I am still the best chance these people have at true freedom. Yes, I want to get away from death and bloodshed, but don’t underestimate me. I, like Dominic Harvey, will not stand for insubordinate people. I will NOT stand for defiance and assassins set out to kill me. I was once weak, but now I am strong. I had no guidance to be a leader, only a killer, and for what it’s worth I taught myself how to be stronger. I see that people look up to me and I don’t want to let them down. I may fall, but I will always continue to stand back up on my own and try again,” said Sky emphatically. James wiped the blood from his face and asked Sky if he was okay. “I am fine. There are many people that I am sure feel I am not the right person to run for President and fill my fathers’ shoes. They see me as weak and scared. I need people like you that are willing to step up and help protect me. I need people that understand the bigger picture. My father had security and I feel that I should invest in having some too. Are you interested?” Sky asked. James nodded his head while understanding and agreeing to his terms and conditions. A limo promptly pulled around to the side of the stage. Security had cleared out most of the spectating audience and gained control of things before they got too out of control. The driver got out and walked to the back passenger door to open it for James and Sky. The two got into the car and left the chaotic scene as the remaining campaigners and general public stood by in the middle of all the madness. The day was turning out to be filled with politics and bloodshed. No different from any other presidential election time in America’s history, only with the blood more visible and politics being more prudent. The limo pulled away through the savage streets of Washington D.C. as spectators could look around and feel a sense of rage and hatred. People could be seen continually committing crimes and publicly protesting for their particular favorited politician. While in the limousine, James and Sky began to talk as if they had known each other for years. James seemed to be an adamant follower of Dominic Harvey, as he mentioned how he voted for him when he had first run for President many years back. The weeks went by as Senator Harvey spoke at many rallies with James standing right by his side. Sky hired more security within his detail, with James as the highest rank in charge. James was always there ensuring NO ONE got close enough to cause the senator any harm. As the weeks progressed, they approached a debate between all of the senators that were running for President. Senator Harvey was one of the four and yet the only one who believed that how the world was run by Dominic was best for the people, as he felt it needed very few minor changes. He preached at every rally that he spoke at; exclaiming how he would live up to Dominic’s legacy, continuing what he started, improving it on a daily basis. Stacy Parks was another person elected by the people to be a senator running. It was mainly the people who followed or were a part of the resistance that voted for her. They sought her to be the best candidate for the job as she traveled the world preaching to the people the same message that Jesse and Samuel had preached. She wanted to have things go back to how they were and there were many people that agreed with that notion. Stacy knew that even though the world was not perfect and still had crime in it before Dominic was elected, that things were better because the death rate was lower. John traveled with her by her side protecting Stacy from anyone who wanted to assassinate her. He became her security, almost like how James was to Sky, but there were no other people besides John in her immediate security detail. She had no one stupid enough to confront her while the man who was responsible for killing Dominic Harvey stood right beside her. There were few people in the crowd that agreed with Stacy as others remained quiet and watchful as the day of debate was fast approaching. Senator Walt Michaels was another man running for President. He was a former advocate for Dominic and firm believer in many things Dominic did as a world leader. There were several changes he contested he would make, but ultimately he wanted power and control. Walt loved Dominic’s political beliefs, but hated him for being in the position of power that he himself had always wanted. Walt Michaels still remained a loyal believer in many of the policies that Dominic Harvey enforced. While Dominic was in office, Walt was a front man doing various kinds of business that was necessary around the world to help maintain financial growth and military strength. He was rarely seen and heard from, but was considered Dominic’s right-hand man. He had different views on how things in the world could be better by implementing a stricter society worldwide. He never voiced these thoughts so he could at least hold a high position of ranking power within Dominic’s cabinet. And lastly is Senator Lenore Graves, whom was slightly within the same beliefs as Stacy, but believed that harsher laws in the world would help decrease the crime and death rate without having to allow the people complete freedom to do what they please. All these senators traveled around the world speaking about their beliefs as they approached the day that they would all be in the same building to debate their political points of views. This would also be the first time Senator Sky Harvey and John would be in the same room together after Dominic Harvey’s death. Both men still unaware of their connection, while misled by their assumptions and hatred, may prove to be a highlight at this upcoming debate. Sky grew up being belittled and sheltered by Dominic Harvey. This kind of treatment didn’t cause him to hate Dominic but within his adult years was more so viewed as tough love. John supposedly took from him what he saw to be his biological father and, in his eyes, Sky was now strung out on revenge. The day finally approached. It was the day of the debate and Senator Harvey’s SUV pulled into the front of the convention center where the event was being held. He was the last to arrive as many were already packed into the auditorium and a few remaining people passed through security. Senator Harvey and James got out of the car and approached the front door. “James, when I go in there, the man who killed my father will here. I want you to know that whether it is today or tomorrow, I will gain my revenge and be the last one laughing as I stand above his dead carcass,” Sky vowed. James nodded his head in agreement as he led the senator through the erratic crowd. The last few people filed into the convention center, as the announcer approached the podium. “Good morning and welcome to the Presidential Debate. We have Senator Harvey, Senator Parks, Senator Graves and Senator Michaels speaking today to you all. This debate is being televised around the world as we host this event and move towards selecting a new President. Everyone around the world has a vote that counts. This is a very important moment in our lives and our history. Things can change after this election or even stay the same. And now let us bring our running officials to the stage,” the announcer stated. One by one, each Senator came from behind the curtain and approached their assigned podium. Each of the names were engraved on a gold plate and bolted to the front panel. The light shined on each senator as the crowd roared with applause and boos for their favored candidate. The cameras focused on each senator’s face and their reactions to the audiences’ turmoil. The announcer leaned in towards the microphone as the crowd settled down for him to deliver his first question. “What do you think the world has become and what you would want it to be like if elected the new world leader?” he asked. Stacy stepped forward and stated she would go first, answering the question. You could hear small handfuls of people booing her before she even began to speak. “Many believe that heaven resides above the sky and hell below the earth and that this world is trapped in the middle. The life that we live is based on the direction in life we head. I think this world has become a HELL over the last President’s reign, which gives me faith and hope that if I am elected, for many people, it can become a HEAVEN,” she uttered with a soft-spoken voice. Stacy took a few steps back from the microphone after giving her short response to the question. A mixture of cheers and boos could be heard echoing throughout the convention center. Senator Lenore Graves stepped forward to the microphone. The audience knew very little about her as you could hear people conversing with each other instead of any kind of huge reaction to her turn to speak. “I know you all may not know me. The world can be what it used to be, but I think it needs more laws, rules, guidelines, regulations and order. Not only to put fear within people’s minds but to extend the longevity of people’s lives. If people are fearful of stealing, it will eliminate more crimes. If they are scared of killing, it will save more lives. This is my proposal. A more re-vamped world than the one we may remember,” she stated as a select group of people were inspired by her viewpoint and began to cheer her on. The cheers were scattered around the auditorium in small groupings, but were overpowered by the abundance of negative boos and chants. Lenore began to step away from the microphone to allow the next person to speak, but something inside of her caused her to approach it once again. Adding with a stern voice, “A world like it was before Dominic’s sadistic version may not be the one you liked. But it is the one you need. You want that security! I will give it to you! I WILL win this election, and you will see how much good I will do!” she concluded as she aggressively pushed the microphone away from her mouth. The feedback screeched from the speakers as many people covered their ears. Senator Skylar Harvey approached the podium with a huge uproar of mixed emotions. The people were torn between the world Dominic created and the one everyone knew that existed before this chaotic one. It appeared that more people were cheering for Sky, which caused several verbal exchanges of words throughout the crowd. Military soldiers were in the building as they tried to calm both sides down. The people turned violent, as both opinionated sides physically fought and screamed at each other in rage. Senator Harvey spoke firmly into the microphone as some people stopped brawling and settled down to listen while others continued their violent onslaught. “Settle down everyone! I think the world has become something the people should treasure. Don’t take the freedom that has been given to you for granted. You used to pay a tax to have your freedom taken away by people that were paid to do so; such as cops, lawyers and judges. They controlled if you would be locked away in a cage. It was craziness in my eyes, that another human being could decide your fate in life. But now you pay a crime tax to have your freedom delivered to you. I, Dominic Harvey’s son, vow to continue to give you that freedom,” he stated. Most people continued to fight and pillage, as soldiers were seen intervening and firing off several shots at the audience members before they dragged away their lifeless bodies. There were military officials that rushed in wearing full protective riot gear. They tossed smoke and tear gas into the crowds that had the most violence ensuing. People coughed and choked as they fell to the ground gasping for air.