Jan Foster

By day, Jan juggles consultancy work with her family, but by night she sneaks off, into the past. Her penchant for sprinkling history with magic is fueled by coffee and Cadburys. When not writing, Jan takes her dogs and small monsters into the countryside, especially if there is a castle or historic building there with a cosy coffee shop in which to escape the rain of Manchester, England.

Jan is the author of the magical realism Naturae Series which is mostly set in the Tudor era. In the books, her two main characters challenge the destiny of both the human and the fae world, whilst navigating their own complex relationship. By weaving historical events into the fantastical storyline, she aims to highlight the relevance history has to our modern world. And, research is a good excuse to curl up with a book!

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Destiny Awaiting
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herbwd Sat, 09/09/2023 - 21:54

Congratulations, Jan! Cover looks great! Sounds like we won't be seeing you at 20Books this year, but we'll be cheering you on! Hope to see you again sometime soon!

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