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There is a far bigger scheme here, a plan taking advantage of we (we, the general population) who do not have full access to full information regarding the powerful changes we may face, and the resources that may be necessary to protect ourselves if we do face these changes and events.
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“We have a choice.

Collective action

or collective suicide.

It is in our hands."

United Nations Secretary General,

António Guterres

July 2022



The Politics of Earth Change

Some of you may recall the late 20th century movie, Waterworld, rolled out in the 1990s. Waterworld is set in a time where the polar ice caps have melted, the sea levels around the planet have risen to cover most of Earth's land, and where survivors are generally trying to survive while living on the water.

Roll the tape forward to the 21st century year, 2022, when many of the world's largest super yachts, many of these owned by Russian oligarchs, even perhaps by Russian leader Vladimir Putin himself, were confiscated by governments and agencies around the world. Some of these super yachts are virtually floating towns, some being 460 plus feet long, designed to house fifty plus guests (or residents). Their state-of-the-art high tech helicopters and helicopter pads, food and medical supply storage facilities, fuel holding capacities, solar energy generators, communication and navigation technologies, and water purifiers, are just some of the extensive and highly advanced functions carried by these floating towns.

These are perhaps the greatest Earth-based survival vessels of our times. (The jury is out on this however, as these vessels have not been tested against the most profound of Earth change events.)

Waterworld's lead character, played by actor and film producer, Kevin Costner, was restricted to traveling the flooded planet on a trimaran. Yet, the actual real life story we may see in coming times could be one where a small survival-centered fraction of the global elite may, in the face of severe Earth changes, move to their very comfortable even glorious super yacht floating towns.

We must see that there is a small yet powerful subgroup of the generally highly humanitarian global elite who is, unlike others, simply looking out for itself, and only itself. Members of this subgroup are planning ahead, just in case survival is at stake, planning to corral their resources and information to be able to survive in even the most extraordinary circumstances. Members of this group are not restricted to any one nation or political system, rather to their common goal: survival of themselves. And indeed this group does have the absolute where-with-all to acquire – even to hoard -- survival-related assets and survival-related information.

At the same time, many others are, for the sake of all of us and of all life on Earth, protecting lands and resources that would otherwise be being harmed or destroyed. For example, Swiss billionaire steel magnate Hansjörg Wyss, who chose to live in Wyoming, USA, pledged one billion dollars to the effort to save a large majority of plant and animal species from extinction.[1] Another example of the good being done by many of the world's wealthiest is Bill Gates' Master Plan for Battling Climate Change.

And yet, there is indeed also the other more opportunistic counter-survival trend taking place. And we are beginning to realize this is happening. We are sensing that some of those of the world's wealthiest who have the where-with-all to buy up survival resources and survival information, are indeed hoarding these, and even access to these, for themselves -- just in case these survival assets are needed at some point. This process is well underway and largely hidden from the public eye. Our detecting what I here on these pages define as this OMEGA CONSPIRACY is going to be key in the survival of WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET.

This is not a book about global politics per se, nor about military buildups and related tensions, although some of these will be discussed on the following pages. This is more a story about WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET realizing what is actually taking place on this planet as we face Earth changes of growing proportions. The reaction of the survival asset-hoarding segment of the world's elite is already underway and must be monitored for what is actually taking place, and for what is actually driving this hoarding of information, access, and resources. Here I take a moment to place the story told by this book, DETECTING THE OMEGA DECEPTION, into the context of recent modern events....



The global omega conspiracy I define herein is taking place as this underlying all powerful global drama slowly unveils itself for what it actually is. With historically increasing climate and Earth changes being the backdrop, the stage has long been set. And, among the primary actors has been one who strived to maintain a lead role, one who has led the autocratic regime controlling Russia. (Note that the Russian people themselves have as little access to the multimillion and billion dollar survival assets and super yachts as do any of WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET.)

Climate change is indeed already reshaping the world and its power structures. Certain powers are taking full advantage of the Earth change situation.

For example, as the polar caps and their ice shelves melt, we are seeing the militarization of the Arctic by Russia. While helping to foment climate change doubts and disbelief in the United States and elsewhere around the world, OR AT LEAST TO MINIMIZE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THESE CHANGES, seeking to deny the reality and severity of what is taking place, Russia has nevertheless been laying extensive claim to the Arctic Circle territory. This has been taking place for years while Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, was consistently been publicly lukewarm on the matter, barely agreeing that Human activity has contributed to the vast Earth changes taking place, let alone to the idea that we face a global climate emergency….



Right before our eyes, there are efforts to disguise and hide so much essential information from us. Some of those with the ultimate power, wealth, and thus capability to prepare for any possible eventuality we may face on this planet are doing just this: preparing for the possibility of a critical Earth Change phase, a life-endangering "End Time" or what I call herein, OMEGA TIME period.

Certainly, the time of the global Covid-19 pandemic alerted much of Humanity to the global and shared nature of our survival issues. And certainly, the increasing warnings, such as those from the United Nations, of Earth and climate changes becoming increasingly perilous, are calling our attention to the nature of this era, the riveting and perhaps even long predicted events we are witnessing around the planet.

Amidst the Russian invasion of the Ukraine which further advanced in early 2022, nations imposed new sanctions on Russian leader Putin and his inner circle of Russian oligarchs. With these, the world was reminded of the immense and largely hidden assets being collected by the world's most wealthy people. Of course, this is common knowledge. And of course, this huge collecting of wealth is taking place among global elite of many nations. And of course, this is a trend WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET sense, both consciously do know about, and also subconsciously are sensing, tracking.

Let’s again be clear about this. This is not an overall trend among all the world’s most powerful, yet it is a trend among some more opportunistic members of this group.

Keep in mind that, the quite public sanctioning of Russia's most wealthy persons put the world on another level of alert. WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET sense, feel, ever more profoundly what this is telling us. These members of this opportunistic fraction of the global elite have already been moving assets, accounts, properties, access mechanisms, and even survival mechanisms such as sea worthy yachts the size of small towns, to locations around the world. Yes, some of the most visible and identifiable assets were seized. Others remain to be seized. OTHERS LIKELY REMAIN HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC EYE, PROTECTED, HELD UNDER THE RADAR OF HUMAN AWARENESS.

Yet, what is most apparent is that even analyses of cryptocurrency, dark money, dark web, shell ownerships, decoy labels, and other tracking mechanisms, reveal only the tip of the iceberg. Those with the greatest wealth have long prepared for eventualities where global access to their own and others' wealth and properties could be blocked or collapsed. Some of the global elite have been preparing for the possibility of an end time sort of global event, just in case one would occur, for quite some time. Deep pockets, private airlines, private armies, private security forces, secret and coded maps and directions, highly secreted holding mechanisms, private satellite communication set-ups, dark market fund storage and transmission accounts, secret currencies, private secret health care systems, and more have long been in place.

So, when in early 2022, Russian oligarchs were sanctioned and what could be located of their assets frozen or seized, WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET were made at least subconsciously more aware that something far greater than even what we have been told is happening is taking place: The OMEGA DECEPTION is well underway.



This book, DETECTING THE OMEGA DECEPTION, is not a memoir, although in some senses is a personal story. I leave my full memoir for other places, other times. What this book presents on the following pages is a brief look at the process of this case becoming more clear -- in this case, becoming more clear to me.

This growing awareness is coming to many people in various ways, through various avenues of realization. Yes, some of us are figuring this out, following our own paths to knowing as we are called to do so. Each in our own ways, we are coming to see increasingly more consciously what we have been knowing, sensing, and how very serious this is. What is happening here is becoming more clear day by day, moment by moment.

I must now step forward to share what I see: There exists a largely unseen cabal of global (and perhaps even inter-dimensional) proportions. I describe this as the OMEGA DECEPTION CABAL. Members of this cabal are developing, projecting, and sustaining a cover story, a blanket global deception, a story which we are all being told. This story is being delivered in several forms, each form adapted to reach and deceive its particular audience.

The OMEGA DECEPTION CABAL holds us captive in its deceptive and even purposively confusing cover story of so many faces. We are presented the cover story the cabal seeks to plant within our hearts and minds via whatever reaches us, whether it be through political or religious views, or other philosophies, sometimes even through pre-packaged beliefs, sometimes even fads, and many other means of getting us to buy in to what the OMEGA CABAL wants us to succumb to: NOT KNOWING WHAT IS HAPPENING, and NOT HAVING ACCESS TO WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW.

We are held captive while members of the OMEGA DECEPTION CABAL are manipulating and profiting from: the increasing Earth change signs we are witnessing in these times; WE THE PEOPLE'S increasing instinct-driven responses to what we are experiencing; and, the increasing concern we feel registering within ourselves and others, both consciously and subconsciously.

This OMEGA CABAL is working to keep us unaware of its own existence and workings and purpose. This is what I describe as the Omega Deception Cabal's People Control and Reality Denial Plan. The denial of the severity, or for many even the actuality, of climate change, and of the immensity of the Earth changes taking place, promotes and fuels this OMEGA DECEPTION PLAN.

We are sitting ducks caught in the stupor being imposed upon the masses, while some of the elite form their own survival plans -- while this rogue elite group who have access to funds (and means to hoard and hide funds and properties and resources and information) continue to form their own secret survival plans.

While certainly there are many among the world’s wealthiest who seek to do whatever can be done to help all humanity, it is important to see that this powerful fraction of the elite, this OMEGA CABAL, are not here for the safety and protection – let alone survival – of all of us.




We are seeing what appears to be an acceleration and intensification of Earth and climate changes. The gravity of this reality reaches us in waves. At the same time, it appears there are those who would prefer we not see the entire picture, not see what is taking place on this planet.

There are moments when we may cover our ears, when the rush of knowing is so very loud. We may grow overwhelmed or simply go blank in response to the pressure. We may try to hide from this stampede of messages coming in from us to ourselves, from Earth to us, and from beyond us.

What is going on here? Is there so much to know that it is too much to know?

There are those who have felt at times almost torn in half by conflicting pressures to either not share what they know, or to share what they know. And the pressures are real although largely difficult to detect. There are those who virtually for years retreat from their lives, from the world, from themselves, to protect themselves from others who seek to prevent them from sharing what they know -- even what may help Humanity survive in these coming times of geological, climatological, economic, political, and other upheavals. There are those who find themselves living in a virtual sort of hiding until they are ready to step forward to share important information, if they ever are.

In the years leading up to the formalization of my work in this space (on what became in some circles called my OMEGA WORK and eventually also my OMEGA DECEPTION DETECTION WORK), I found myself building a strong foundation as a professional and expert in several very mainstream social and psychological fields. I built this foundation as it gave me valuable information and tools to help people dealing with psychological and social issues. As the years went by, I saw another reason I had developed this strong foundation: this gave me the means of establishing myself as someone who had truly arrived at what I am saying through very solid intellectual pathways.

As time went by, my work in the mainstream fields seemed to converge with my more esoteric work, the latter which for years I indeed kept somewhat in the background to protect my professional reputation. Although I felt and continue to feel my areas of work are all related, I understand how some boundaries are insisted upon by some leaders of some fields.

I cannot capture in words the various pressures I felt pressing me to both withhold my more esoteric work, and to not only suppress it but to simply shut it down. As a lecturer at a university, a psychotherapist, a corporate consultant, and so on, I was frequently faced with both implicit and explicit pressures to simply close off one side of myself and my work. Nevertheless, all along the way, I could feel that I was being called to express what I know no matter who told me not to. My DETECTING THE OMEGA DECEPTION was underway long before I formally knew this is what I was doing.

When I first began pulling together and really hearing, connecting the dots among and across, the messages that have been coming in to us through science, literature, religion, modern and ancient teachings, I incorporated these into a story, a novel, as these messages felt best presented as fiction. I therefore wrote the novel, REVEALING THE OMEGA KEY. Even the early draft and test versions of this fictionalized story were confronted by both visible and invisible, explicit and implicit, forces and factors (such as attacks and warnings from some members of media, religious groups, academia, scientific research communities, government (such as persons saying they were representing the NSA), and others I will not name, to suppress the release of these truths.

Apparently presenting this as fiction, in story form, did not stop those forces and factors seeking to suppress these messages. On the contrary, these forces and factors appeared to become activated once I started speaking up about the meaning of and experience of writing the work of fiction, REVEALING THE OMEGA KEY.