Thomas Henry Pope

Thomas Henry Pope gives the landscapes in his novels as much agency to influence events as he does to his characters. His narrative style draws on his passions of journalism, theater, songwriting and teaching. And his world travels provide grist for his characters and stories. His debut novel Imperfect Burials won both the 2024 American Legacy Book Award: Mystery and Suspense and the 2023 Page Turner Award: Historical Fiction. This year's novel submitted to Page Turner Awards, The Last Redwood Circus, recently won the 2024 Nautilus Book Award for Fiction.

After dropping out of Stanford, he worked in California’s vineyards and then in Hollywood. He has written for HuffPost, built timber frame houses and barns, repaired motorcycles, run a real estate company, and served as an EMT. He knows the freedom and trials of living off the grid and growing his own food. The counterbalance to his peripatetic adventures is his home in Vermont, which has his heart.

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