In Orion's Hands: A collection of poetry

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From A Youth A Fountain Did Flow (Young Adult, Book Award 2023)
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n Orion’s Hands: a collection of poems that captures the human condition. From trauma and heartache to the life-changing value of knowing one’s worth.
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I didn't know

Life could be good

I always assumed that I deserved

The pain I got

Karma paying her dues

To a child

Broken by shapeshifting demons

Who threatened


Assaulted her

Under the guise

Of love

But I've learned

Real love exists

And I am worthy

First grade

In the playground

We made a pact to tell

Tell them to stop

Tell our parents

She was slapped across the face

Called a liar

Her grandfather would never do that

This is how to they break us

Deny a truth

Because believing would wreck your world

I told him to stop

Who would believe a lying little bitch

I'll kill you before you speak

No one will believe you

No one

He went after my sister

I hugged her tight

Begged her to go away

Find protection in front of the TV

Back on the playground

We shared tears in one another's arms

Forced to grow up

Way too young for our realities

Numb is an ointment

Spread over a wound

That won't heal on its own

It screams out in agony

When reminded of the trauma

Not yet ready to cut it out of me

I reach for the numbing agent

Apply liberally

The mask goes down again

No more secrets

Out of me they come

No more lies covering you

I'm done feeling numb

You said you'd kill me

But here I stand


Pulse beating

Hands in the air

I will not be undone by you

Or your lies

I am a survivor

Someday you'll be the one who dies


With thoughts


To my soul


In the darkness

There are some places

I will never feel safe

For I fear he's around

Those corners still

Insomnia is apart of me

Brain travels to the unpleasant

Without permission

A locked box inside my head

Jack pops out

The demons back again

Eyes awake

Focused on anything else

Eyes closed

I release control to part of me

That is unkind to me

It's been labeled


It makes brain cycle to

What was

And shouldn't be

When body wants to sleep

I can't make it go away

So drug it away


Maybe there's an exorcism

We can do to remove you

From my mind

So I may enjoy it once again

Generational pain

Is perhaps the hardest

To forget

I try

But the reminders are everywhere

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