The Halfways: A Guidebook for Strengthening Your Intuitive Connection

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Do you struggle with confidence, decision-making, and self-worth? Would you like the way forward to be transparent and streamlined, creating a path filled with clarity, ease, and flow?

Strengthening your intuitive connection is the key. It naturally builds self-confidence and worthiness.
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I write this while sitting in the bathtub. I’m uncomfortable with my feet shoved against a container of soaps and shampoos. A hairball clings in the corner. Soap rings circle the drain. Visible residue hangs just below the edge of the tub. I don’t want that on my sleeves. Bottles of face wash sit precariously on the edge.

If I move and bump them even slightly, they’ll fall behind my back. An orange-handled razor hangs from the wireframe hooked to the showerhead. When was the last time I took a bath instead of a shower? I used to love taking baths. It seemed so luxurious and adult-like, with bubbles up to my eyebrows. The sounds of snap, crackle, and pop in my ears. Nothing but aquatic solitude surrounded me.

I think about getting out, but at least I’m writing. So I stay. I write.

My name is Allison. I like baked sweet potatoes, digging in the dirt, and sweatpants. I don’t enjoy rewatching movies, wearing makeup, or loud crunching noises in quiet spaces. I didn’t write that opening line in my bathtub because I don’t have one. My kids do, but I didn’t sit in it to write. Instead, I blended a fictional reality with real life to create a third reality.

As an attention grabber, the opening paragraph is where information comes together in an exciting new way.

Intuition is an attention-grabbing third reality, too. It has been trying to get your attention in exciting new ways since Day One. Sometimes you pay attention. Sometimes not. Other times, you think you made up the messages or choose to believe others’ advice over your own.

That’s what intuition is: the third reality. It’s all fact and no fiction, unlike my opening lines. In this book, we’ll work out how that’s the case.

Intuition is the interface, a port. It’s a third interdimensional reality that translates vibrational information into readable data. At least, it is to me. That’s my definition. What’s yours?

The Higher Mind in the Nonphysical realm sends the Physical Mind a communication. The Higher Mind is that Nonphysical aspect of you powered by love and committed to guiding you through the maze of physical reality. It’s a dedicated extension of your personality construct in this soul experience. You receive constant communication and guidance from your Higher Mind through an unbreakable energetic connection.

The Physical Mind, the part of you dedicated to your physical experience, doesn’t directly translate the vibrational information sent from the Higher Mind. Direct messaging isn’t seamless, so it uses interdimensional interfaces, one of those being intuition, as a pass-through for information.

You don’t hear their voice when you talk with someone on the phone. It’s a digital rendering of vibrations. A tiny microchip picks up the caller’s voice and converts it into digital information. This information travels via radio waves to a receiver (cell tower), relaying the digital data to the recipient’s phone.

The intuitive process is similar to a cell phone. Nonphysical consciousness sends vibrational communication through an intuitive “port.” The interface modulates the translation and direction of energy waves. You receive and translate the messages in multiple ways, such as gut feelings, inner knowings, or visions. These are not the only ways, just some of the most common.

Without your intuitive interface, the Physical Mind wouldn’t know about the intuitive messages Higher Mind was sending. Everyone has this properly functioning interface built into their experience. No one focuses on this time-space reality without it.

I can’t write about intuition without mentioning interrelated subjects such as beliefs, awareness, and connecting the dots. These topics will help clarify why your intuition isn’t the actual obstacle in this situation. It’s not the problem. It never was.

Functionally, your intuitive faculties operate without fault. The challenge lies with your beliefs and perspectives about yourself concerning intuition. We’ll cover all that and more in this book.

I’m intuitive. I strongly identify with the terms “highly sensitive person,” “medium,” and “channel.” I acknowledge and celebrate the numerous ways intuition continuously translates messages from the Higher Mind. It wasn’t always like this, however. I talk about my challenges throughout this book.

You are also intuitive, as is everyone. Intuition is not a gift given to “special” people. It’s not more accessible for cisgender, transgender, psychics, mediums, witches, channels, or those who call themselves empathic. Intuition is a multidimensional mechanism that comes standard when a multidimensional soul incarnates. The degrees to which individuals recognize this aspect of their physical experience differ.

There is no need to prove your intuitive nature to anyone. No one gets to point a finger claiming: You’re not intuitive. It’s a personal decision about whether or not you’re interested in cultivating a relationship with this aspect of yourself. Some people want a more intimate relationship with intuition. Others don't.

Both approaches to our relationship with intuition are perfectly natural and wonderful. Intuitives are not better than those who don’t acknowledge intuition. They are just interested in knowing themselves as Nonphysical energy, whereas someone else might not share their interest.

I understand and trust my intuitive process. You may be struggling with yours to some degree, which is why you’re reading books like this. I hope to help you learn more about your intuition and strengthen your natural abilities.

In Chapter Eleven: Stories From The Vault, I share a story called “Teaching Astral Class” that describes a lucid, intuitive dream about teaching in the astral realm at night. I’m sharing what I learned as an instructor and student from these ethereal sessions and what I’ve learned in the physical realm throughout the entire book.

On Earth, I started my career in Chicago as a first-grade teacher. After eight years of classroom experience and earning a Master of Education degree, I got pregnant with Isabella. I left teaching and moved to the suburbs with my husband. It wasn’t financially worth hiring someone to care for our kids, so I stayed home.

Raising three kiddos was terrific. I cherish every single memory. About eight years into my stay-at-home gig, I felt guided to start a small business that didn’t just fill my time. I needed to fill my heart and soul. This endeavor would be something all my own that made me happy and the eventual transition to empty nester easier.

Over time and after many false starts, my efforts blossomed into a bespoke business that I am exceedingly passionate about and proud to share with others. The mentorship program (as well as a self-guided online program and book) is titled Accelerate Your Mojo. It facilitates igniting intuition, transforming fear, and being authentic. Accelerate Your Mojo is a funny book title. The term “mojo” seems to have many connotations. To me, mojo means that innate connection to the divine within, and acceleration means realizing sooner rather than later.

Before discovering my business bliss, I dabbled in things that weren’t my passion. Nothing sparked joy until I started poking around the idea of energy work. I got my feet wet, earning certifications in Reconnective Healing, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level I, and as a Thinking Into Results Facilitator. It was frustrating that nothing seemed like a perfect fit for me.

In 2014, things went from bad to worse. In hindsight, I ignored the gut feeling I was heading down the wrong path taking action out of fear instead of excitement. While self-help and personal development are generally about inner transformation, I, unfortunately, got all wound up in the idea of superficial success and forgot about true happiness. Not surprisingly, those who resonated with external success were all too happy to help me part with my money and dignity.

Within three years, I’d spent nearly $20K seduced by the idea of making it big in the self-help industry. I hadn’t yet realized that much of the personal development industry replicated standardized education.

I encountered self-help programs based on workbooks, memorization, and “gurus” who heralded the secret to “The Right Path.” One popular workshop leader said he wouldn’t work with anyone who didn’t do precisely the actions he told them to do. Threats and fear were acceptable forms of motivation in this era. Thousands of followers considered him to be “Best In Show.”

Renowned coaches seemed to emphasize speed, constant action, and income claims over synchronicity (right timing,) intuitively-inspired action, soul-guided thinking, and abundance in all forms. It differed from the industry based on the authentic, personal development I thought I’d find when I started my journey.

Walking away from that experience completely distraught, I honestly couldn’t understand what had happened. In my confusion, I wrongly concluded that I wouldn’t be happy or prosperous. I had no idea how I would pay off my debt and felt horrified at being taken advantage of monetarily. What was I meant to do in life? It felt like picking up kids’ dirty socks and packing school lunches were my only talents. I spiraled into depression.

As difficult as it was to pick myself up and dust myself off, I did. I seriously considered giving up and just riding out my days thinking about what could have been.

Perhaps entrepreneurship isn’t for me after all? It’s tough to succeed in this industry.

Too many life coaches out there already. What did I have to offer that was so different anyway?

I’ve made many embarrassing mistakes and feel like a fraud. Will I be discovered as an imposter?

How will I ever find the courage just to be me? Is it enough?

The guilt and embarrassment didn’t dissipate right away. It took me several years to heal those wounds. Emotional and mental healing came from a steady diet of following what I found exciting. I made consistent strides to realign every time life emotionally smacked me upside down. The cure for what ailed me wasn’t “Positive Vibes Only.” I tried that before, and it didn’t work.

Knowing what I do now, it didn’t need to take as long as it did to come back into alignment. Long-term guilt for not being perfect doesn’t have to be a massive part of this human experience. Shifting to a sense of responsibility brings us back into alignment sooner. Our ability to respond from a place of alignment is vital.

In this book, I share what I know about shifting limiting beliefs to help you let go of mental and emotional wounds. That said, there’s no need to rush soul lessons. It’s okay if you’re still processing painful experiences. You have a solid intuitive connection, no matter whether or not you feel fully healed.

In desperation after losing all my money and hope, I realized the consistency with which intuition operates. Once I was on my feet again, I vowed it would be different this time. My most significant challenges in the past were caused by believing I could walk in someone else’s footsteps. Mimicry was pervasive and encouraged in the industry. I heard all my dreams would come true if I just followed directions, and I believed it.

But echoes only repeat sounds already spoken. Originality is when the soul shines. Being our true authentic selves is the purpose of this transitory human experience.

Intuition encourages the creation of something new. Let the process of expressing your true self be messy. It may be uncharted territory for you to be your true self, but that’s okay. Keep making adjustments to your process until you are pleased with the results. It is all about the journey.

After realizing that following my inner guidance was my best chance at happiness, I became faithful to intuition even when I couldn’t see exactly where I was going. I found new ways to transform fear that looked nothing like anything I’d seen. The advantages of being myself, authentic and raw, revealed themselves to me slowly but surely. This way of living was way better than being echoic.

I decided there would be no more pretending I knew something I didn’t. No more “fake it until you make it” artificiality. I was sick of pretending I was something and someone I wasn’t. Being inauthentic had caused me enough anxiety already.

No more people pleasing or giving in to the idea that someone else had better advice than my inner guidance. Well-known people are famous, yes, but not omnipotent. They could never have known what my next best move was because they didn’t know the intimacy of my dreams or where I was in the process of shifting my limiting beliefs.

From that point forward, my inner guidance was my most trusted friend for better or worse, richer or poorer.

The secret to a happy life is trust in oneself. It’s the ability to know your worthiness with zero external proof. It’s certainly nice when people appreciate you, but it should never be necessary.

In May 2015, I started writing online courses: Visualization Mastery 201, Intuition: Your Key to Better Living, Law of Attraction Bootcamp, and An Abundance Mindset: How to Craft Yours. I published these courses on a third-party application, and it took me several years to gather good feedback. My distinctive approach to self-help deeply resonated with students. This feedback helped me build resilience because some people didn’t resonate with my system. I found self-confidence in not depending on feedback to measure my success but in knowing I was doing the best job possible.

You’ve heard the adage, “What others think of me is none of my business.” If I get too wrapped up in positive or negative feedback, I lose myself. The reason I do what I do gets blurred. I hope my work helps others, but it’s not the sole reason I write and teach. I do these things because it’s my passion. It’s a passion that requires an expression for me to feel whole, happy, and aligned.

I write and teach even when no one reads or acknowledges my work. That’s how I know it’s my true path. I love it that much.

Over 5,000 students have gone through my classes as of March 2022. Students’ positive feedback encouraged me to create the Accelerate Your Mojo book, online course, and mentorship program. It was inspiring, yet I remained objective.

Eventually, I left the third-party platform because I wanted a more direct connection with my students. I get great joy from working with people on a one-to-one basis in my Accelerate Your Mojo mentorship program. Student questions help pull channeled information and spiritual guidance through me. I love the wholesome, connected feeling of channeling; it’s an addiction feeling that good.

What’s different about my self-help approach?

It’s trustworthy guidance from your total self instead of a standardized personal development approach. I coach students to consult their inner guidance over outside advice, even mine. I took what I knew about real learning (not memorization) and blended it with spiritual topics I loved.

Fast forward to today. This moment brings us to The Halfways.

I conceived of The Halfways: A Guidebook for Strengthening Your Intuitive Connection in February 2021. At the time, I didn’t know I was pregnant with the idea. There were none of the usual signs. I wasn’t late in my creative flow. I’d just finished a massive six-month love-based project: an interview series titled Intuition for Everyday Living Masterclass.

I satiated my creative appetite with months of pre-planning, planning, inviting, interviewing, video editing, promotional material creation, and guest correspondence. I’d done it all over the top in faithful Big Al (one of my old nicknames) style. I love learning new skills and tend to dig into all aspects of a project.

By the end of the masterclass, however, I was ready to be done. When asked when the next one was, I proclaimed, I’ll never do a project of this magnitude again! I put myself in a creative time-out with no intention of diving into another big project soon.

That’s the thing about the seed of desire. It gets planted when you least expect it. It shows up in the strangest of moments. The excitement expands in your body, and you think, Wait, what? I didn’t realize I wanted THAT to happen!

I credit one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Bashar, for what you’re about to read. They are influential in my current teachings. If I hadn’t heard them say the phrase “the halfways” on that cold January day in 2021, I probably wouldn’t be writing this now.

It was such an exciting turn of phrase that sparkled on my tongue. It buzzed in my ears. I felt alert and happy when I said it. It was full of magnificent potential.

Those two simple words represented what I’m here on Earth to do. I couldn’t resist the allure of it. I had to take it to the next level. So naturally, I did what all accomplished writers do: nothing.

In February 2021, with the masterclass done, I emailed attendees for feedback on their experience and thoughts on a potential book. I put the idea out there, not realizing it had already wholly manifested on a vibrational level. You’re reading the translation of that vibrational manifestation in written form.

Why did I let the idea gestate for a year instead of jumping directly into action? It wasn’t procrastination. It wasn’t for lack of ideas or inspiration. It had nothing to do with fear, lack of self-confidence, or motivation.

There’s a difference between time and timing. Letting an idea grow according to its natural pace is more impactful. I enjoyed thinking about it. It was enough to have the vision and spend time with it. It was glorious in its perfect unmanifested state.

Manifestation is much less about time and more about timing. It’s about resonance and receptivity. It’s not about focused work being a struggle. It’s about knowing that when an idea manifests in the imagination, it’s complete and ever-evolving. The fun part is witnessing how it all comes together in this time-space physical playground.

Understanding that every part of the manifestation process is a step along the way and that no single experience is more important than another is a tremendous emotional stabilizer. Frustration is far less likely when you equally value every part of the process.

Do you celebrate the gestation process any less because you haven’t yet given birth? I hope not. Giving birth to a baby before it’s ready can be seriously detrimental to the individual.

Do you curse the flour and sugar on the store shelves because it isn’t yet a chocolate cake? Probably not, because you know that if you keep taking inspired action to create that cake by mixing and preparing the ingredients, you’ll eventually be eating a delicious finished product.

If your active belief is that there isn’t enough time or that you’re behind in some capacity, you can feel the constricting nature of that belief. Pay close attention to how you feel. Feelings indicate the direction in which your active vibration is trending around a subject: contracting (negative) or expanding (positive).

Do you feel worried? Are you annoyed or stressed because the thing you want hasn’t yet come to fruition? These feelings indicate being out of alignment with your true self and an active belief that you don’t have enough time.

Your true self is abundance-based and continually expanding. Your authentic self knows that everything happens synchronistically and that nothing occurs too early or late. This idea that you aren’t intuitive enough isn’t reflecting your true self.

The sensations you experience at any moment indicate what you believe. Feelings reveal active beliefs. The belief is not “below” consciousness when there’s a feeling associated with the idea. Pay close attention. Be honest with yourself.

Instead of stressing about production and time, enjoy every part of the experience, including the perfection of synchronicity. The lead-up and the main event are the same levels of uniqueness. The middle, climax, and closing scenes are all essential to your project.

When you understand that every single part of life is a step along the way, you go with the flow instead of forcing things to happen in an unnatural time frame.

Past Allison would have felt guilty for not taking action right away. Standardized self-help had convinced her using statements such as:

Your problem is you didn’t set a goal.

That didn’t work?

The problem is it’s not a big enough goal!

That didn’t work?

The problem is you didn’t take non-stop action every day.

You didn’t follow the rules I gave you.

You must be unmotivated if you didn’t just follow the script!

How do you ever expect good things to happen if you don’t hustle?!

You’re not anxious. You’re excited! (said, Gaslighter Guru.)

Get with the program.

Positive vibes ONLY.

In my past, the pressure to adhere to the familiar narrative of achievement and success was constant. I always focused on a problem to be fixed, not resonating with a solution.

If I had followed those instructions again, frustration and stress would have been the norm. Understanding how intuition evokes natural confidence is a massive part of finding happiness. An inspired action stimulates the recognition of perfect timing instead of stressing about when something will happen or trying to force it.

I don’t tend to feel pressured by standardized advice anymore. When I compare myself to others or worry about pacing and outcomes, I catch my thoughts early and turn them around. I believe in the benefits of allowing myself to enjoy the entire creative process, from idea awareness to manifestation.

So why this book at this time?

The idea of living halfway between two worlds speaks directly to my soul. The soul is a combination of your Higher Mind and Physical Mind energies. We each create a soul “essence” to help guide us in this time-space reality before we focus here.

Can you feel the truth of this on some level of your being?

There’s never been a better time to familiarize yourself with inner guidance. Even if you’re not ready today, the invitation to shift your point of view (POV) stands. This time-space reality is slightly more positive than negative energetically, which gives an advantage to those who choose to focus on self-awareness and love. It’s the perfect time for you to decide which type of experience you prefer: one filled with love or fear.

If you’re excited to develop a stronger relationship with intuition, I’m confident The Halfways can help.

What are your struggles regarding intuition?

Some people answered this question when filling out a form for one of my many classes. Others offered feedback in conversation. For the sake of brevity, I’ve summarized the collective sentiments here.







This book aims to help you shift these negative beliefs—self-doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, and confusion regarding intuition. It enables you to strengthen your intuitive connection one thought and experience at a time.

I deliberately chose the word “strengthen” and not initiate because no initiation is needed. Intuition has been diligently translating vibrational messages from your Higher Self since birth.

The experience of feeling disconnected is what we’re shifting. You’re not technically detached or distrustful of your intuition. You’re not blocked. That would be impossible because of how this reality is structured. It feels like a blockage if constricting beliefs activate, shaping your experience.

This book invites you to begin right where you are, even if it’s doubtful. I’ll guide you along the way. Intuitive messages have been coming through since the day you were born. We’ll shift your point of view (POV), so you can translate them more clearly.

The Halfways offers new perspectives on everyday struggles with intuition. New books provide unique views adding momentum to the further and continual expansion of the universe.

As I mentioned, I’ve been where you might be regarding intuition. It stinks not to be able to experience an aspect of yourself that everyone keeps saying is innate. It’s frustrating to see other people touting the benefits of being able to hear, trust, and follow their intuition and not be able to say the same for yourself.