Clare Bland

C E Bland lives in London, England with her husband and their dog.

Love, fun, animals, moving house many times, and a keen interest in how things work are the defining themes of her life. These days she has lost none of her enthusiasm for living a full and well-balanced life.

Before moving into a freelance career, and latterly writing her memoir about swift recovery from severe post-viral illness, C E Bland began her professional career in marketing, becoming UK Marketing & Communications Manager for a French multinational company before she was 30. For the past two decades, she has specialised in senior Executive Assistant, operational and private office roles in financial services, property and aviation, and for private individuals.

The Long & S.H.O.R.T. of Coping with Covid is her first book.

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The Long & S.H.O.R.T. of Coping with Covid
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