Andrew Hussey

Andy is the founder of Muddy Little Boots Publishing and is author of two children's paperback books currently. A graphic designer by trade, he decided to create Muddy Little Boots publishing during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown (2020) as a means of creating something positive from this distressing time. He has a passion for collaborating with like-minded creative individuals and a desire to promote exploration of open spaces and nature. He’s also a big believer in having fun - if its not fun, he’s not interested. In many respects he’s a big kid at heart!

Andy is the author of "There’s No Deer Around Here" (a book about spotting signs of deer when out and about), his debut book, and "Any Trout About?" (a riverside adventure).

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Stuart Wakefield Mon, 04/09/2023 - 09:30

The text flows smoothly, and the pacing is well-managed, giving readers a sense of the characters and their environment without overwhelming them. Hussey's storytelling aptly incorporates dialogues that highlight the relationship between Jacob, Granny, and Archie-Dog, all while advancing the narrative.

The mystery element is well-integrated into the storyline, with clues subtly woven in, stimulating young readers' critical thinking and curiosity. Jacob's earnest belief in the existence of deer serves as a delightful counter to Granny's scepticism, adding tension and intrigue.

Where this book really shines is in its illustrations by Rosie Venner. The artwork is rich and inviting, helping to visualise the settings and add emotional layers to the narrative. The illustrations serve as an engaging supplement to the text and are likely to captivate young readers.

Jennifer Bisbing Sat, 09/09/2023 - 21:50

Seeing a deer treated as something more than a nuisance was refreshing. The joy and love for animals is palpable in Jacob's character. And I just love Grandma's slippers in the first frame.

Nadine Matheson Wed, 13/09/2023 - 19:20

This was a moving, fun and engaging tale. The use of repetition did the job of keeping the reader both entertained and invested in the unravelling mystery. The illustrations complimented the story really well/.

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