David Pugh

David Pugh lives in Portishead near Bristol, he has kept 'Newfies' or 'Newfs' (as they are affectionately called) for more than 25 years. As a founder member of Newfoundfriends charity, he has, together with a magnificent team of humans and dogs, continued to raise funds totaling over £1.5 million to date. There have been many beneficiaries over the years; however, the main one is Little Bridge House, a hospice and respite care centre for terminally ill children. Here, the charity has not only given monetary support in abundance, but also visits from the dogs and trainers, to enrich little lives.

A joiner by trade, David has been able to sustain his own successful business along with running the charity. His bond with his dog Whizz stood out from all. This award winning dog was indeed incredible. David was determined to tell his story as a legacy for Whizz, and with the aid of co-writer Lynn Cavendish, is very proud to have recently published the book.... 'Whizz, Zero to Hero'.

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