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Yasmin Kane literary agent 121 boot camp

How would you like to have a literary agent look at your first chapters and give you Literary Agent Feedback on the first two chapters of your novel?

Here's how...

Literary Agent Feedback on Your Plot

This Two Chapter Boot Camp will help you to get a head-start with your novel. It's a hands-on event that provides personalized feedback on your story structure, plot and characterization.

Literary agent Yasmin Kane will give you written feedback on your story.

The most exciting part...if your chapters show promise, Yasmin may ask you for additional material.

Two Writers Represented Through This Literary Agent 121 Bootcamp

From this Literary Agent Bootcamp, Yasmin has signed TWO writers to represent!

I love taking part in Page Turner Awards Literary Agent Boot Camp. Last year I offered to represent Min Day after giving her feedback on her novel. Again, this year I offered to rep an author in Australia. Page Turner Awards attract high calibre writers!

Success Stories

Two writers who attended the Literary Agent Boot Camp have received literary agency representation from Yasmin Kane! Min Day and Sharon Barba both received a literary agent representation from Yasmin after doing this Literary Agent Boot Camp!

Read what Min Day had to say when she heard she has received a literary agent to represent her through this Literary Agent Boot Camp !

And Sharon Barba said this:

My head is still spinning. ! I never expected to receive an offer of representation from the agent workshop, but I’m incredibly grateful. We had a very productive, inspiring and wide-ranging discussion. A wonderful experience. Thanks so much to Page Turner Awards for providing this unique, potentially life-changing opportunity! And to Yasmin for being such a joy! - Sharon Barba

Limited Availability

There are limited places on this Boot Camp due to Yasmin also judging the awards plus the demands of her own literary agency. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


Make your £85 payment here. This link opens in a new window, so you can come back to this page to complete your booking when you have finished the payment. Please watch out for the payment confirmation as it has important details!


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