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Welcome To Page Turner Awards 2024 Page Turner Awards, celebrating 5 years as an international writing contest

The 2024 Page Turner Awards is in our fifth year of running our fast-growing international writing contest.

If you have entered our awards before, jump down to the submission payment form to start your entry process.

Otherwise, please read on to find out more about entering your writing project into our international writing contest.

All Awards Information

Please click on EACH LINK to read the full details. Everything you need to know about the awards is shown in the different tabs below. When you have finished reading the information in the tabs above, you can make your payment below.

Please click the links above and read the information to ensure a quick and easy flow through the awards submission process.

Submission Package Information

Here are the submission package details and prices:

  • A Bronze member gets 1 submission + any 1 sub category
  • A Silver member gets 2 submissions + any 2 sub categories
  • A Gold member gets 5 submissions + any 5 sub categories
  • A Platinum member gets 15 submissions + all sub categories

Check out all our Award Sub-categories to see which ones may apply to your submission.

If you have a submission discount code, FIRST 'Select a Submission Package' - below - before adding your discount code. Then, hit the 'apply' button under the discount code for the discount to be deducted.

Be sure to watch out for your payment confirmation email, which gives you the next steps to enter your submission. You have up until the end of June to make any editing changes to your submission.

Payment Information

You can make your online payment one of three ways:
1. Pay via your PayPal account.
2. Pay by credit card in your PayPal account.
3. Pay by credit card via our virtual terminal - contact us on +44 (0) 208 133 6375

If you cannot do any of the above, please contact us for alternative payment options.


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