Kerrie Noor

Kerrie Noor celebrating a story finished on a beach in Scotland
Back in the days before TV had remote controls and Scotland was known for the Bay City Rollers Kerrie left Australia on a working holiday and fell in love with many things Scottish.

In the past, she has been a regular on Community Radio, taught Belly dancing, ‘done’ a little stand-up, and appeared at the Edinburgh Festival.

Kerrie still dances often accompanied by storytelling and the odd joke and has inflicted her quirky style of humor on many- including, several rest homes, charity events, and pretty much anyone who will sit still long enough to listen.

She has past been shortlisted for the Asham short story award and had two short plays performed on radio.
Award Category Finalist
Award Submission Title
Rebel Without A Clue
The Battle Of The Sexes Is Quiet But For How Long?
My Submission

On a hot afternoon, while huddled behind a hedge, Legless caught a glimpse of a woman in an apron and fluffy slippers. She was bent over her basket of washing. Legless stared at her small behind pressing against her nylon skirt and lust filled his loins. Surprised, he decided to take action—an action that had not been spoken of for many years on his planet—and he had the woman’s rollers rattling beneath her scarf for at least two minutes.

Then he slipped away.

The woman stood up; she had felt something peculiar, but nothing too drastic. Nothing a little Epsom salts and a hair dryer wouldn’t cure.

Nine months later, an Identity was born.

That year, the sales of Epsom salts soared as women all over the world, bending over their washing, had their rollers rattled like a martini: shaken but not stirred . . .

* * *