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Brad Wiebe head shot

Brad Wiebe has been called a lot of things, and is proud to add Author to soften the blow. He’s usually readings at least two books at any time; one to learn from, and one purely for pleasure. His

Robert Fear Author Photo

Robert Fear has lived in Eastbourne, on the south coast of the UK, for half his life. He moved there to be with Lynn, his future wife, and is still there with her over thirty years later. As cat

Profile photo of Rhoda Baxter AKA Jeevani Charika

Rhoda Baxter writes romantic comedies about strong women and nice guy heroes. She also writes multicultural women’s fiction, under her real name, Jeevani Charika. Her books have been shortlisted for

Middle aged blonde woman in a gray cap.

I always knew there was something wrong with my family. When I discovered a close relative was a mass murderer, I wasn't at all surprised. In fact, it was the missing piece of the puzzle of my life. I

The image depicts a woman standing in the rain, a duffel bag at her feet. A car is stopped nearby with the door open, offering a ride.

I am a retired police officer, retiring at the rank of Captain, in charge of the Criminal Investigation Division at the Dubuque, Iowa, Police Department. At Arm's Length is my first book, and am

Image of Catherine Fearns

Catherine Fearns is a writer from Liverpool, UK. In previous incarnations she was a financial analyst, a cocktail pianist and a breastfeeding counsellor, but nowadays she writes crime fiction, with a

Norman Hall

Norman Hall was an accountant for 40 years, but from an early age had a keen interest in home movies and a critical eye for film production techniques. He filmed and edited his first film on 8mm

Aboard HMS Bounty built for 1962 MGM feature MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY

As writer, director, and editor, my films include THE GREENSTONE
NARRATED BY ORSON WELLES (34 minutes available on
YouTube), THE FIFTH VICTIM WAS TRUTH (45 minute Cinemascope thesis film from Boston

Kerrie Noor celebrating a story finished on a beach in Scotland

Back in the days before TV had remote controls and Scotland was known for the Bay City Rollers Kerrie left Australia on a working holiday and fell in love with many things Scottish.

In the past

Molly Joesten

I grew up in a family of story-tellers. Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years were always well spent around the fire with my family members sharing tales. Now, I am twenty-five years old and pride

Robbi Sommers Bryant, author

Robbi Sommers Bryant’s award-winning books include a novella, 5 novels, 5 short-story collections, and 1 book of poetry. Her work has been published in magazines including Readers Digest, Redbook

Cathie Hartigan - head and shoulders

I’m a Londoner by birth but moved to the Westcountry to study music at Dartington College of Arts. I now live in the historic city of Exeter.
After teaching the piano at Exeter School for many years

Profile Headshot - Nikki Vallance

Nikki is an author, speaker and coach who works with others to unlock their writing talents. She runs a group coaching program, The Writers' Pod, and one to one sessions to help aspiring writers

Halima khatun profile pic

Halima Khatun is a former journalist (having worked for ITV and the BBC), writer and PR consultant. 

Since she was a child, she knew that words would be her thing. With a lifelong passion for

David N Robinson

A while ago, I was a partner and chief operating officer in a major accounting firm, and latterly held the same role in an international law firm. It took me 36 years and several million air miles to

Photo of author Noelle Nichols

Noelle Nichols is a manga artist and epic fantasy author, with a love of samurai and strong morals. Her favorite things to write about are Asian-inspired cultures, noble characters and characters who

Adell Ryan, Author

Adell Ryan is a hubby/wife pseudonym. Adell writes unconventional love stories about fierce women and their numerous male suitors. Because let's be honest, we need more than one to satisfy our multi

Michael Jack Webb image

Michael Jack Webb graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida and obtained his J. D. from the same university. Over the past forty years he’s travelled the world in search of

Martin Ladd image

I was born in the UK but raised in Hong Kong and for the last few decades have lived in New Zealand. My interest in writing began at fourteen while travelling by sea from Brisbane to Lisbon. I broke

A picture of Jeff Elkins standing in front of green trees.

Jeff Elkins's work blends a deep love for people and life in an urban setting with supernatural, plot-twisting, fast-paced storytelling. He loves writing diverse heroes, making readers experience deep

Portrait of the author Dominic Hayes

Since childhood Dominic enjoyed stories. An avid reader in his youth, he had always wanted to write fiction, but rarely found the time. After University, he taught for three years at a secondary

Black and white photo of a lady laughing with her eyes closed. She has a flower in her long hair over one shoulder, and is wearing a white halterneck dress. Her name is Dielle, pronounced Dee Ell.

About the Author

Born in leafy Hampshire, DiElle came from a musical family, one of her earliest memories being of lying under the piano at her nan’s house during a family sing song at the age of

Author of "The Truth - The Biggest Cover-Up In History"

I was born and raised in Kilkenny City, in the south east of Ireland. I am a Chemical Engineer and European Patent Attorney. I graduated in Chemical Engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland

Andrea Torrey Balsara

Andrea Torrey Balsara is an award-winning children's and young adult author/illustrator and motivational speaker. 

Her passion is to empower children to think for themselves, to learn about the

Xann Smith in black and white

Xann-shapella Smith studied playwriting and screenwriting at Brigham Young University and has brought her plays to the stage on many occasions. Her love for storytelling has produced scripts that span

Image of Beth Barany, Novelist

An award-winning novelist, Beth Barany writes science fiction and fantasy for young adults and adults. Her first novel Henrietta The Dragon Slayer won Grand Prize in a California Indie Author contest

Annie Berkley Author and Activist

Annie Berkley is a freelance author, speaker, advocate, and counselor. Her writing is for people in search of inspiration and motivation, and those who have trouble seeing there is a silver lining

Oliver Richbell

After spending over a decade as a lawyer Oliver now runs a dispute resolution consultancy that helps businesses avoid, manage and resolve their commercial disputes through dialogue and negotiation. He

Head and Shoulders image of the author Brian Marcel

I started my career in the London Stock Exchange, but working in an Institution didn’t suit me, and I got fired from my grandfather’s firm. From there, I moved on to sell all types of papers made by

Original Picture created and resized in "paint" by author  96-68KB

I live in the north east where I draw much of my inspiration. Following a long career in public service, during which I was Chief Emergency Planning Officer for Cleveland, Head of Resilience for

C. R.  Mitchell

Christina Mitchell has a deep love and respect for the women in her Italian family. Their ability to triumph in a sexist culture motivated her to write the mafia series, The Italian Rose. Christina

Photo of author D. E. Stockman

D. E. Stockman was reared in a small town in the Midwest U. S. A. and now lives outside Chicago. After serving in the U. S. Air Force as a Russian translator, he graduated from Northeastern Illinois

smiling picture of kitiera morey

Kitiera Morey is a lively perfectionist with the mouth of a drunken sailor. When she’s not singing off-key for the entire world to hear or feeding her Sonic the Hedgehog addiction, Kitiera searches

Road Trippy Author Joe Heath

On a website on the internet there lived a Joe. Not a hot, caffeinated Joe, splashed with cream and a roasty smell, nor yet a cotton-eyed Joe with over-played lyrics and a catchy beat: it was a

Heather Lee Dyer author photo

HEATHER LEE DYER is the award-winning author of three complete YA sci-fi series, co-author of a YA alien invasion trilogy, and author of two non-fiction books in the Creativity Over Perfection series

Picture of Ben Marney

I've spent my life working as a traveling musician. Along the way, I've met some interesting people and seen some indescribable things. Although my books are works of fiction, they are based on real

Head and shoulders color photo of E A Carter

E A Carter grew up in the Canadian countryside, the daughter of a reverend of modest means, with only her bicycle, her cat, and her imagination to occupy her.

Ever since she could talk she has been

Jessica Bird on the beach in purple scarf and black and white checkered sweater

Jessica Bird is best known for her loving, cheerful approach to life. Her work is written from a place of vulnerability, honesty, and a desire to truly empower readers to live their full potential

This is a picture of me, looking my best in my favorite red dress.

Young Miss Dunn wasn’t known for her academic record. “If Kathy put as much effort into schoolwork as she did day-dreaming, she’d be a straight-A student,” read one report. Teachers, friends and

John Righten

John has delivered medical aid to orphanages and hospitals across the globe, including Romania during the revolution, and South America and Bosnia during the war. His Rogues novels are based on the

Author Kristi Helvig

I am a Ph.D. clinical psychologist and career coach by day and sci-fi/fantasy author by night. My endless fascination with human behavior and the choices people make fuels my passion for both careers

Richard F Novak in his sculpture studio

Novak divided his time as a physician between teaching medical students and working in his sculpture studio. To further his passion for sculpture he spent a year travelling throughout Italy studying

Picture of Ben Marney author of Another Lifetime Ago

I've spent my life working as a traveling musician. Along the way, I've met some interesting people and seen some indescribable things. Although my books are works of fiction, they are based on real

Jeanne Wald

Jeanne Wald was born and raised in a multicultural family, in the vast steppes of Central Asia. After obtaining a degree in International Relations, she moved to Europe, where she has worked for

Simon carr, satirical sci-fi writer.

Simon carr is, well he is me, hello, compleatly inept at writing bio's in a third person, simon was born in Darwin in the north of england and lives in the paradise that is known only as Blackburn, he

Maria Robins

Maria Robins was born in the Scottish heritage town of Dunedin, New Zealand and currently lives in Auckland, NZ. She loves words, writing and books, along with long walks at sunset and all things

Rosemary Esehagu is an author, a novelist, and a poet. She is the author of THE LOOMING FOG.

Rosemary Esehagu is a native Nigerian. She is a mom, a novelist, a poet, and a physician. She is a believer in pursuing different interests and embracing one’s self. Her works typically focus on

C.L. Wells Headshot

C.L. Wells is an indie author who writes in a variety of genres including murder mystery, YA, and paranormal fiction. He is the founder of Creative Writing with a Mission.

Portrait of Nathan Burrows

Nathan Burrows is a writer based in Norfolk in the United Kingdom.

Primarily a thriller writer, Nathan's books are based (mostly) in Norfolk. He enjoys writing character based books where the

Richard F Novak in his studio

Novak divided his time as a physician between teaching medical students and working in his sculpture studio. To further his passion for sculpture he spent a year travelling throughout Italy studying

John Frankel in France

John obtained a B.A> from the University of Toronto and a Diplome d'Etudes from the Sorbonne. That was followed by several years of doctoral work at the University of Waterloo in philosophy. For the


Brooke Sivendra lives in Adelaide, Australia with her husband and
two furry children—Milly, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Izzy, an
Australian black Kelpie who keeps Brooke running around in her

a photo of Richard Attree

RICHARD ATTREE grew up in London in the 1960s—an exciting time, and place, to be a teenager. By the mid-1970s, he had a degree in philosophy and was playing keyboards in various unsuccessful jazz

Bio photo of Canadian speculative fiction author K.A. Wiggins

K.A. Wiggins is a Vancouver-born Canadian speculative fiction writer, speaker, and creative writing coach.

Her work spans YA fantasy with an edge of horror, paranormal, ecopunk, gothic dystopian