Richard F Novak

Richard F Novak in his studio
Novak divided his time as a physician between teaching medical students and working in his sculpture studio. To further his passion for sculpture he spent a year travelling throughout Italy studying the Italian sculptors. His academic position required the usual dictum, “publish or perish” and he wrote many scientific articles. Reviewers of scientific articles frown on any hint of imagination, speculation, or dare one attempt, humor. So, he had enough and decided to write about what he knew from his other life – sculpture and sculpting. All his books are historical fiction with a backdrop of sculpture and sculptors. The stories are based on actual events in 19th century Italy and America and include many of the important personalities of the era.
Novak has over seventy-five sculptures in public spaces, corporate, and private collections. Examples of his work can be seen in the Photo Gallery section of his website

Award Category Finalist
Award Submission Title
Qn Uprising in Rome 1849
An American sculptor’s love for an Italian woman belonging to a subversive secret society, draws him into her dangerous world of Italian politics. After he joins Garibaldi’s unsuccessful defense of Rome, they flee to Florence, where they begin their perilous journey to America.