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How To Submit Your Entry

All questions on submitting can be found here, which includes information about genres, spacing, how to enter a submission (which is only the first 10 pages - maximum 3000 words), how to fill out the submission form, how to edit your submission, spacing, fonts and italics, how to size your book cover, picture book submissions and screenplay submissions.

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Submission Links:
You will NOT see the submission links until you have registered. Entering is a two-step process, so please register a free account as a writer or author, and you will find all the details.

Other Submission Questions

If you have another query not addressed here, please visit our FAQ.


Q: How do Readers get to see my entry and make comments on them?
A: If you choose the sharing options under a silver or gold package, your submission will automatically receive social sharing icons at the top of the submission page.

You will also see a checkbox inside your submission for you to select that you want 'Reader Feedback' and you can share your entry link to ask for comments. Please note that if you don't feedback and if you want to keep your submission private and only for the judges to see, you must select 'Judges Only' in your submission entry.

We also share the silver and gold package entry links. If you select to have a newsletter insertion, we include your entry link in our newsletter. Readers can make comments on your entry in the comments box below your entry.

Q: How to edit my submission?
A: To edit a submission, log in. Hover over ME > go to my submissions > click your submission link, which takes you the submission page. There you will see an 'Edit' button. Click that to access your submission and you can change it accordingly.

Ways To Receive Reader Feedback
A. You can start to share your entry link immediately after you enter and ask friends and followers to give you feedback.
B. You can also share your entry via the Facebook and Twitter social icons at the top of your entry. You will only see these if you opt for a sharing package as this is not available through the basic bronze membership package.
C. If you choose to have a newsletter insertion to get extra feedback, make sure you factor in enough time to get scheduled into our newsletters. Please note that the optional extras of a newsletter insertion is to boost your feedback and encourage our readers to give you feedback, but you must factor in enough time for this.

Q: How do I, as an Author or Writer, get to see other entries?
A: You only get to see entries if the entrants have selected that they're happy to share, you will not see the ones who have selected for their entry to only be visible to the judges.

Q: How do I get to see comments that are made about my submission?
A: You log in and go to your entry link and scroll to the bottom where the comments are, and you can view them there. You can also reply to any comments you feel are necessary. When you are logged in, you can see your submissions via ME on the main menu > My Submissions.

Q: Do I submit my whole manuscript?
A: No. We only want to see the first 10 pages.

Q: What happens to the rest of my manuscript?
A: You hold onto the manuscript until we announce the shortlist or if we get in touch with you at any time during the judging process to notify you that one of our judges would like to read the entire manuscript.

Q: Who owns copyright of my work?
A: You do. At all times! Only if and when you negotiate a contract will any of your copyright be handed to a potential publisher. That will only happen outside the awards and within negotiations with an agent or publisher. Page Turner Awards will not deal with that side or handle that for you. We will introduce your work to our judges and if your work appeals to them, they will take it from there.

Q: Can I enter my latest unpublished manuscript into the Book Award?
A: No, please enter it under our Writing Award

Q: Will Amazon or the book stores allow me to submit 10 pages?
A: Most of the online book stores allow authors to showcase sample chapters as they do in the view inside sample, which encourages readers to buy your book. If you are in doubt, contact your online book store to check.

Q: Can I enter my 2020 submission again, for example into the 2021 awards?
A: Yes. We have more than triple the amount of judges in the 2021 awards compared to our inaugral awards in 2020, so we have lots more judges who haven't seen your work and may judge it highly. Or in the case of literary agents or publishers looking for writers to publish, they may select your writing as a possiblity to represent or publish. In the case of our judge Kelly Rinne from Spectrum Audiobooks who is looking for authors to offer an audiobook production, last year she chose 19 entrants instead of her original intention of one winner because she found it very difficult to choose amongst the wide diversity of stories entered. Kelly will be hunting for new writers and authors again this year, so she could choose your work this time around.

Q: Can the submission be less than 10 pages to end at the best possible place for the prior pages?
A: Yes, you can stop at any point, up to or before 10 pages, that is most appropriate for your story.

Q: Should there be a title page?
A: That will be on the submission – you will see the title of your submission when you enter.

Q:Is my name supposed to be on the pages?
A: Your name will be at the top of the page, you will see this when you make your submission.

Q: I logged in and then went to the Award Categories on your home page and on the menu tab. When I press the link to 2021 Writing Award, there's no button or form to fill out so that I can enter.
A: When you log in you will see ‘Authors and Writers Dashboard’ – follow the links from there to enter. This image of the Authors and Writers Dashboard is where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to see.

Q: Please confirm the 2021 submission of my first 10 pages of the book manuscript was received correctly and that nothing else is required.
A: If you saw a pop up message saying that your submission was uploaded and saved, then it is fine and nothing more needs to be done.

Q: Is this award for British residents only?
A: No. We invite global submissions from English-speaking writers and authors.

Q: Is the Book Award for traditionally published novels or self-published novels?
A: All Books are welcome to be entered.

Q: When is the best time to submit my entry?
A: As soon as you have considered the optional extras, and you know which category you want to enter plus your award submission is ready, you can make your booking and entry submission.

Please go through the optional extras carefully and consider which is the best for your entry because once you have chosen you cannot change your membership package. If you are looking for feedback to enhance your submission, don't leave booking and submitting your entry to the last minute. Make sure you factor in enough time to claim your optional extra.

To find the optional extras and the submission process, please log in and follow the instructions on the Author and Writer Dashboard.

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