Film Pitch Promotion

Film Pitch Promotion

Due to popular requests we have opened the Film Rights Promotion that has been available only to entrants on Page Turner Awards. We are now offering this to you, as we promote books, series, scripts and non-fiction to film production companies throughout the year.

We have a large list of film producers, some independent and others from large production companies, who are keen and eager to see film pitches. If you imagine your book, manuscript or screenplay as a film or television series, shouldn't you be in this exciting opportunity?

Why A Film Pitch?

I set this up, so I can pitch my own books to film producers. At first, it was an optional extra only for entrants to the Page Turner Awards, but then I thought (with spoilt-child pouted lips) "Hmm, I want to pitch my books too!" And when the film producers that my husband and I are in touch with starting coming back to us very keen and eager to see the film pitches, I knew this is an ideal opportunity for all authors to pitch their books. Especially for authors who don't have an agent to do this for them!

On top of that, we have authors who weren't interested in entering the awards asking if they could also pitch their book outside the awards.

So, I decided to open this exciting film pitch to all authors, including you! Find out how you can pitch your books or series to film producers.

How To Film Pitch Your Writing

  • Register on Page Turner Awards via the 'Login' on our menu and make sure 'Create an account' as an author or writer as your user role so you are shown the relevant information.
  • You will land on a dashboard which will give you the links to make the payment.
  • How much does this exciting promotional activity cost?
  • Once payment is made, return to your dashboard and you will see the links to enter your book for the Film Pitch.
  • Your work is password protected and only logged in film producers will see your work.
  • If a film production company is interested in your work, we will put them in touch with you and you take things from there.
  • We can also put you in touch with one of our agent judges or the film lawyer judge or the film scout judge who may be able to help you to broker a deal.
  • The film production company will work with you on a film script or get a screenwriter to do the script for you. This is for you to work out with them.

Optional Extras

  1. You can select to have your book promoted to readers on Book Luver and Page Turner Awards with a newsletter insertion.
  2. You can opt to have your book promoted a second time to everyone who clicked on your book's link.
  3. You can make a voluntary contribution to The Patron Prize, where two entrants (an author and a writer) will be selected to win the cash prize.

Your Logline

The film companies have also stressed that it is very important that the loglines really hook them into looking at your entry. If they are not INTRIGUED or FASCINATED or INTERESTED in your logline, there's a chance they may not read all your work.

Please, please make sure you have given yourself the very best chance of having one of these film producers get hooked on your submission. Google the best loglines in your genre or films that you love and get inspired by those loglines. They should help you to create a logline that will hook someone to read all your pages. We can't guarantee that the film producers will read all your pages but if you have a compelling story, hopefully they will love your work and want to get in touch with you. We want them to fall in love with your writing!

How To Submit Your Film Pitch Entry

To prepare for your submission this is the information you will need.

When you have this ready, login and your logged in 'My Dashboard' will give you the link to enter your submission. Important: You will not see the submission links until you have A) registered and logged in, B) made your entry payment ~ then the submission links will be visible.

  • TITLE: Add your story title
  • LOGLINE SUMMARY: You have 300 characters to explain your story. This must be one or two sentences to explain your story. Literary experts say that you should be able to pitch your story with a short one-liner. Do NOT add a book description in this box as the judges will dismiss your entry as invalid. It MUST be a logline - a one liner to explain your entire story as explained in this link ~ see this advice on how to create a logline:
  • BODY: Add your first 50 pages, including any chapter breaks.
  • GENRE: Start typing your genre. Any genres with those letters or words will automatically appear. Select which one you want to add to your entry.
  • STANDALONE, SERIES OR SCREENPLAY: Start typing S and you will automatically see the options of Standalone Novel, Book Series or Screenplay come up. Select the one you are pitching.
  • IMAGE: Make sure the image is 250 x 250 to be the best fit for the page. If you don't know how to do this, check below. If you are entering an unpublished book or screenplay, do not add an image.
  • SAVE: Click Save and you're all set!


Many film production companies produce documentaries based on non-fiction books or screenplays. This is acceptable to enter as a film pitch.

Why 50 Pages?

Why only 50 pages and not the full screenplay or book? Because we want to intrigue the film producers and tantalize them with your writing so that they ask to be put in touch with you. Many won't read a full screenplay or novel unless the genre, title, logline and first few pages interests them. When they do start reading your work, we want your writing to sizzle until they are champing at the bit to read the full story.


One Film Pitch £40
Up to three Film Pitches £75
**These can be either a published novel, unpublished manuscript or screenplay or a mixture of any three.
*** You are not paying these film producers to read your work. You are paying for us to promote your work to film production companies. We do this on an individual basis, working up a relationship with them with the aim of helping one of our writers to get their work optioned for film. There is no guarantee that will happen because it all depends on your writing and what each film producer is looking for, but this is a time-consuming task continually promoting your work over 6 months.

Register now to get your film pitch included: You must register an account as a writer or author via our log in on our main menu. Then, follow the links when you are logged in.

Good luck, I hope your book gets optioned for a film!

PS: You may also want to consider our Film Pitch Mentorship Boot Camp.


carlaking Wed, 22/07/2020 - 20:45

I don't need their names, just a description. Are they film producers in the UK, the US, Australia? Are they BIG name producers, TV-substitute producers (Netflix, etc.). Thanks again!

PS: I found the pricing by scrolling around on the page. Your anchor link lands below the price.