New For 2024

New For 2024

Embark, with us, on a literary adventure as Page Turner Awards celebrates its fifth year, marking a pivotal milestone in our journey to recognize and celebrate exceptional voices in the global literary landscape. Without further ado, let's dive into the exciting details that await you on this year's writing adventure.

All these new awards and sub-categories are shown in our 2024 Award Categories.

Equality For All Writers

Encouraging Diversity And Equality - Page Turner Awards 2024

Encouraging Diversity And Equality!

The Page Turner Awards proudly introduces the Equality Awards, a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive literary landscape. This initiative aims to amplify voices from the broadest possible spectrum of experiences, encompassing race, religion, educational backgrounds, different cultural communities, and unique cultural traditions. We've divided the Equality Awards into two distinct categories to accommodate the multifaceted nature of diversity and inclusion, namely the Culture Award and the Phoenix Award.

We are thrilled to launch these new Equality Awards, which align with our ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the literary community. Not only that, but we eagerly await submissions that will enrich our understanding of the world through the power of storytelling.

The Culture Award

Culture Award - Page Turner Awards

The Culture Award welcomes submissions that showcase and celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and communities across the globe. Writers are encouraged to delve into their cultural heritage, traditions, and experiences, illuminating the beauty and diversity of human experiences.

We encourage writers to explore the depths of their cultural heritage, drawing inspiration from the myriad traditions, rituals, and experiences that have shaped their identities.

Your stories have the power to transcend borders, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the multitude of traditions that enrich the human journey. Join us in fostering a literary landscape that reflects the myriad colours of cultural expression across the world.

Writers entering The Culture Award will also be asked to give details on their cultural tradition or experience so they can be considered for this award, but essentially it is the quality of writing and storytelling that will determine who the winners will be!

Find out more about our Culture Award.

The Phoenix Award

New Challenged Writer Award - Page Turner Awards 2024

The Phoenix Award stands as a tribute to the unwavering resilience and passion exhibited by writers who have triumphed over personal adversities. Whether navigating the intricacies of writing in a language beyond their native tongue, surmounting physical or mental challenges, confronting traumatic life events, or addressing minority issues, the Phoenix Award celebrates the indomitable spirit of these writers.

Inspired by the mythical Phoenix, this award embodies hope and the promise of brighter tomorrows, rising from the crucible of writers' challenges. The Phoenix Award invites submissions of published, unpublished, or unproduced screenplays, serving as a true stepping stone for unrecognized talents. It offers an opportunity to transcend challenges and carve a meaningful path in the literary world.

Writers entering the Phoenix Award will also be asked to give a personal statement on why they feel they should be considered for this award, but essentially it is the quality of writing and storytelling that will determine who the winners will be!

Find out more about The Phoenix Award.

New For All Writers

New To All Writers At The 2024 Page Turner Awards

Also for all can see your scores, choose from new submission packages, and all awards will now celebrate young writers and golden writers.

Enter The Page Turner Awards

Enter the Page Turner Awards to share your submission with our judges.

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See Your Score!

See Your Score Page Turner Awards

Uncover Your Writing Strengths & See Where Your Storytelling Shines!

All entrants will see their submission's score. This will be published privately in your account at the end of the 2024 awards, after our Online Winners Ceremony has announced the winners of all awards and sub-categories. Your scores will be rated according to:
1. Overall quality of writing.
2. Compelling characters.
3. Storytelling potential.

Even if you have previously entered a novel, manuscript, or screenplay in any of the four years Page Turner Awards has been running, you can now enter it again and find out how well it scores with our judges in the 2024 Page Turner Awards international writing contest. Of course, new work is welcome too and will also receive a score from our judges for you to see.

Find out more about seeing your submission scores.

Young And Golden Writers

Young And Golden Writers - Page Turner Awards

All awards will now celebrate young writers and golden writers. Previously, we have showcased a Young Writer Award as a separate award, but now we will be delighted to celebrate young writers aged up to 25 as Young Author in our Book Award and Young Screenwriter in our Screenplay Award. We also have Golden Writer in our Writing Award, Golden Author in our Book Award and Golden Screenwriter in our Screenplay Award.

Find out more about Young and Golden Writer Awards.

New For Authors - Indie Author Award

New For Indie Authors For 2024 Page Turner Awards

In response to overwhelming demand, we're introducing a new sub-category to our Book Award, honouring the exceptional talent of the highest-scoring Independent Author.

New For Screenwriters

What's New For Screenwriters - Page Turner Awards 2024

Our team at Page Turner Awards are committed to providing screenwriters with innovative platforms to showcase their work and gain recognition for their exceptional talent. We're delighted to introduce exciting new features to our Screenplay Award, designed to enhance the submission process and provide a more comprehensive evaluation of your screenplays.

These enhancements further demonstrate the Page Turner Awards' unwavering commitment to supporting aspiring screenwriters. With these new features, we empower you to showcase your talent, gain valuable feedback, and elevate your screenplays to new heights.

Enter our Screenplay Award Now

Enter the Page Turner Screenplay Award to share your script's genre, logline and pitch with our judges.

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Best Genres

Best Genre Screenplay Awards - Page Turner Awards

Unveiling the Best Genres ~ Building upon the success of our Best Genres categories in the Book Award and Writing Award, we're now offering this feature for screenplay submissions as well. Select the genre that best suits your screenplay, providing our discerning judges with a clear indication of the narrative landscape you've crafted.

Best Pitch

Pitch Deck Awards - Page Turner Awards

Visualizing Your Story with Pitch Decks ~ Immerse our judges in the world of your screenplay with the option of submitting a pitch deck. This captivating presentation, uploaded as a PDF, will provide a visual representation of your story's key elements, characters, and plot twists. This innovative addition will enhance the judges' understanding and appreciation of your screenplay's potential.

Best Logline

Logline Award - Page Turner Awards

Celebrating Captivating Loglines ~ Recognizing the power of concise and compelling loglines, we're introducing a dedicated sub-category to showcase these miniature masterpieces. Submit your screenplay's logline alongside your submission, and we'll proudly display the best loglines, ensuring your screenwriting receives the attention it deserves.

2024 Awards Now Open

Seize this opportunity to share your literary treasures with the world. The Page Turner Awards are now open for submissions, and we eagerly await the stories that will captivate our judges and inspire our community.

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