2022 Writing Award Winners

Page Turner Awards is delighted to announce our 2022 Writing Award Winners!

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And the winners are...

  • Jane Bond has won the Page Turner Writing Award for her unpublished novel, Flick-Flack
  • Victoria Brown has won the Page Turner Writing Award for her unpublished novel, Darling Girl
  • Kay Mancino has won the Page Turner Young Writer Award for her unpublished novel, Apoptosis, or Cell Death
  • Laura Beeby won the Writing Award Golden Writer for her submission, Veronica Perfect
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  • Sophie Morton-Thomas won the Best Story Title for her submission, Bird Spotting in a Small Town
Laura Beeby for "Veronica Perfect"

I'm a Canadian-Dutch writer temporarily living in Canada as a caregiver for my elderly father, but my permanent home is in Rotterdam with my Dutch musician husband whom I met in a music forum for fans of the Hollies. My background is in advertising copywriting and, along with my English and History

Jane Bond for "Flick-Flack"

In my life I've worked in factories, behind several bars and once ran a livery stable. I spent fifteen years as a software engineer in England, Ireland and Scotland – sorry Wales. In 2007 we moved to France. Now I make jam and sell it on the local markets, which is far less lucrative, but far more

Victoria Brown for "Darling Girl"

Victoria is a writer of sapphic thrillers and women's fiction, based in Cambridge, UK. Her novel, 'Darling Girl', won the 2022 'I Am In Print' thriller competition and a place on the Curtis Brown Creative Advanced Crime and Thriller course. She has had a number of flash fiction pieces published

Sophie Morton-Thomas for "Bird Spotting in a Small Town"

Writer of psychological thrillers with a feminist focus. Currently studying at Cambridge University, UK. I like to write dark stories but the good will often prevail. I live in West Sussex in the UK with my husband; I have three kids too and some cats. I'm an English teacher during the day when I'm

Kay Mancino for "Apoptosis, or Cell Death "

Kay Mancino is a 19 year-old Creative Writing major from Long Island, New York. Growing up, they realized their voice was loudest when writing stories, so that is what they want to spend the rest of their life doing. In their free time, you will find them crocheting blankets for their dog and