Win A Writing Mentorship

Win A Writing Mentorship

Several winners will receive a mentorship from successful authors! We have an incredible £7K worth of mentorships to offer 4 lucky writers!

Ann Brady Mentoring Prize

Author and Principal of Mentoring Writers & the Kids4Kids Organisation, Ann Brody has been working in the craft of writing for over 30 years. Ann is kindly offering mentorships of more than £2500!

The Mentoring Writers Programme prize will depend on the individual needs of the writer involved: improving the novel you’re working on or just getting your manuscript ready for publication. Whatever stage you are at in your creative journey, Mentoring Writers will provide tailored tuition for what you need; from creating good writing to the process of getting your work into print.

You and Ann will share hard-earned advice on how to keep writing when the going gets tough, thus ensuring your novel doesn’t end up getting stashed away in a drawer or end up languishing on your laptop.

'The Mentoring Writers Programme 2’ offers writers assistance in strengthening and completing the writers manuscript prior to publication.

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Fiction Writing Mentoring Prize Value: £2500 ~ 3000

There is another mentorship prize for non-fiction writers from entrepreneur and Solopreneur Shobha Ponnappa.

Shobha Ponnappa Mentoring Prize

Author, entrepreneur and Solopreneur Shobha Ponnappa is judging the eBook Awards in the non-fiction category and is offering her expertise to one non-fiction winner in a mentorship.

This is a highly valuable prize because the winner will gain the experience Shobha has to offer after being in digital marketing for over 40+ years and having worked with nearly a hundred client brands, both tiny and large, on the extreme cutting-edge of digital technology.

Shobha's author mentoring prize can be scheduled in as many hours of mentoring that the winner would like to have. It can be a single session on one day, or different sessions across different dates.

Non-Fiction Writing Mentoring Prize Value: £1,000

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The Book Mentor Mentoring Prize

Win a non-fiction mentoring package with The Book Mentor, Librotas worth £1,000. Specifically for business owners who are writing a credibility or authority building book, you’ll work with Karen Williams, a leading book mentor to write a book that clearly sets you aside from your competitors.

This will enable you to showcase your expertise and experience in the best possible way and focus on building your business. You’ll get access to Karen’s core online programmes, coupled with 121 support following Karen’s 10 Authority Principles, to make your book happen.

Non-Fiction Writing Mentoring Prize Value: £1,000

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Angela Marshall Mentoring Prize

Angela Marshall has been working with writing challenged clients for over 12 years. She provides ghost-writing, coaching, procedural writing, speech writing assistance and documentation editing services. The experience she has acquired in creating, compounding and composing words, has given a broad foundational base from which to approach and develop writers.

Angela especially enjoys biographies, poetry, fiction and preparing documents for individuals who need creative content assistance.

Her services challenge and construct you to become a compelling writer. Mentorship with Angela will capture your voice through words and enhance the creative wordsmith inside you! Be prepared to foster a collaborative partnership that encourages growth, grind and grit to obtain your goals.

Prize Value: this prize ranges from $500.00 to $2500.00 USD

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