Olga Holtz

Stowe Story Labs alumna. Writer/director of an award-winning short THE ZAHIR. Trilingual multi-ethnic multinational. Mathematician whose journey led from humble beginnings in the Urals to professorships in Berkeley and Berlin. Olga's writing explores follies of genius, elusiveness of belonging, and ironies of love. Her screenplays have garnered over 130 accolades.

Award Category
Screenplay Award Category
A deceitful Israeli diplomat's affair with a brilliant Russian astrophysicist spirals out of control in the face of a Nobel prize winning rival, unexpected pregnancy, surreal visions, security breaches at work, and her sudden disappearance. Desperate to find her alive, can he untangle the mystery?
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Catalina Lowe Tue, 20/09/2022 - 21:26

Intriguing, fast paced, building conflict and suspense. Hooks me from the opening scene, enough to make me want keep reading. Job well done.