TV Series

Genre: Fantasy

In a world where witches and humans coexist, 16-year-old Amoura Renly's unique connection to magic sets her apart. As she navigates a society with a dark history of persecution, Amoura must unravel the secrets of her identity and confront the forces threatening her existence before it's too late.

Seraphina must choose the lesser of two evils—the ghosts that haunt her or the murderer who hunts her. Born with a rare ability—or curse, Seraphina can see and hear the dead. During the early days of the London Blitz, she is confronted with hundreds of lost souls wandering the streets. As the war...

Genre: LGBT

Logline: The body is a museum for memories. I am the Smithsonian. An epic bildungsroman, "Who Has Known Heights" relentlessly explores the unabating torment and repercussions of being born in the wrong body 'long before' identifying as something “other” became a trend. Memoir disguised as fiction.

A deadly gangster. A political scandal. A cheated wife with nothing left to lose. Top TV reporter Tess Anderson is on the run after sending down one of London's biggest criminals. Her life in chaos she runs to the Greek island of Paxos, but her only hope of escape is a mysterious American yachtsman.

Controlled nuclear fusion is decades away? Not for the Aussie start-up HB11 whose project creates electricity at near room temp. When the start-up is robbed by the North Korean Wong, it falls to the Aussie spy chief's son Jacob to recover the material.

Genre: Drama

When devoted family man Max is mistaken for a high-class mature escort, he reluctantly enters a secret life of wealth and privilege to pay off his debts. Set in the contrasting world of excess and luxury against the reality of suburban life, Escorted explores how far Max will go to save his family.

After a beloved butcher is found brutally murdered after the village Hog Roast, a trainee detective completely out of his depth and his equally incompetent assistant must be the ones to help the villagers of Lower Strangling and find the killer before they strike again.

Genre: Fantasy

Collecting life force is essential for death fairies survival. To give it away is a death sentence. Two fairies, one light one dark, or so it appears at first glance.

On the Rocks chronicles the real-life journey of restaurateur Joseph Costanzo Jr., from his rise to success as the owner of the highly acclaimed Primadonna Restaurant, radio host, columnist, and aspiring politician to his sharp fall ending with a stint in federal prison.

Genre: Fantasy

His touch could kill her. Her life could save him. The balance of the entire realm lies in their hands.

New York City, 1978 - After fatal design errors are revealed in Citicorp Center tower, can the architect admit his flaws and repair them in total secrecy - before a journalist drops her devastating exposé - and do it in time to save Manhattan from a massive, crushing disaster?

Tom Baker, British journalist, writes up articles on ex-President "Chico" da Silva, now the presidential front runner. Baker will find out that politics in Brazil can be very, very dirty.

After the Feds unexpectedly knocked on the door looking for my father, my mental health took a dive. After an invasive investigation later, he pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges and was sentenced to a stint in federal prison. Moving away, I stumbled upon an unexpected saving grace in an eclectic...

When the ex-President of Brazil is condemned to jail, he pulls off a daring escape and takes with him a British journalist, Tom Baker who becomes the Fall Guy.

Genre: Drama

A complex story of overlapping cult groups: one, an afterschool meditation group that moves forward from one side; the other, an underground vigilante bible study group that moves forward from the other side; intersecting for a battle of the fittest. PALINDROME; a suspenseful sequence that reads the...

As 17-year-old assassin-in-training Hedy Hinterschott is the heir apparent to her family’s 500-year-old murder-for-hire dynasty, she struggles to navigate her family dynamics, a mysterious love, and Hitler’s millions. A blend of dark comedy, mystery, and romance, AAU hooks you from beginning to end...

The inventor of a watch that issues a final notice of a wearer’s death, partners with an FBI agent to stop the random murders by wearers. The murders escalate from random senior citizens to organized crime, to Russian operatives, and the targets escalate from ordinary citizens to the White House.

Genre: Drama

In this limited series adaptation of HAMLET, a young US soldier returning home from World War II to attend his murdered father’s funeral in the rural south discovers that not only has his uncle usurped his father’s seat on the Senate, but that he may have played a part in the murder itself.

After the local MP is found dead in his home, one autistic Administrator haplessly helps his narcissistic wife to become his replacement, despite her having no prior interest or knowledge of politics, just because three old women on a park bench told him that she might become Prime Minister one day.

Genre: Crime

Cath Edgley is a high school teacher. Her mother was Betzy Blac an infamous punk star who went missing 30 years ago. Now her father, rock star Raven Rain is murdered. Despite warnings to “trust no one”, Cath calls on the women from her mother's old band to help solve the mystery of her missing mum.