TV Series

New York City, 1978 - After fatal design errors are revealed in Citicorp Center tower, can the architect admit his flaws and repair them in total secrecy - before a journalist drops her devastating exposé - and do it in time to save Manhattan from a massive, crushing disaster?

After falling out of the sky- quite literally- with an airplane, Amber goes though life simply surviving from week to week. Her traumatic experience keeps on haunting her day and night, but mostly at night, and it seems there's no way out. If life is only a torture, why keep on going?

After the local MP is found dead in his home, one autistic Administrator haplessly helps his narcissistic wife to become his replacement, despite her having no prior interest or knowledge of politics, just because three old women on a park bench told him that she might become Prime Minister one day.

After a beloved butcher is found brutally murdered after the village Hog Roast, a trainee detective completely out of his depth and his equally incompetent assistant must be the ones to help the villagers of Lower Strangling and find the killer before they strike again.

Seraphina must choose the lesser of two evils—the ghosts that haunt her or the murderer who hunts her. Born with a rare ability—or curse, Seraphina can see and hear the dead. During the early days of the London Blitz, she is confronted with hundreds of lost souls wandering the streets. As the war...