Joseph Black

Joseph Black grew up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. After hearing his accent, people frequently accuse him of lying about this. He assures those that do that this is the truth, citing that: 1. A childhood filled with movies, TV, video games, audiobooks, and podcasts led to him never developing all that much of an accent to start with, 2. Making a point to travel as much as possible and speaking to people from all around the world has given him an obnoxiously appropriative attitude to accents, and 3. Why would he not have picked a more exciting fake origin than Huddersfield, West Yorkshire?

Joseph doesn't come with all parts included -- by which I of course mean that he is a neurodivergent amputee. As such, he loves stories about aliens and outsiders (metaphorically and literally). He is a graduate from the NFTS’s Finding Your Voice (Screenwriting) Certificate and the University of Dundee’s MLitt in Film Studies, where he specialised in adaptation and pop-culture and wrote the NaSTA Best Drama winning student film ‘Cul-de-Sac’. Joseph loves writing genre fiction of all kinds, particularly comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy, and also enjoys cross-medium, interactive, and works of adaptation. He has changed address over twenty times in the past ten years, but if you’ve bought a ticket for a film, musical, play, or opera in Dundee or Toronto there’s a fair chance you have already met him.

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Screenplay Award Category
A found-footage horror meets workplace mockumentary about four people who hunt monsters, ghosts, demons, and fouler things from beyond the fragile limits of our reality. And on weekends, they go bowling.
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