Cooper's Promise

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Golden Writer
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An army deserter from the war in Iraq, adrift in a war-torn African country, vows to save a girl trafficked into prostitution to redeem himself for an earlier promise he couldn't keep.
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COOPER CHANCE, Army sharpshooter and deserter, wants to go home, but can’t knowing that he’ll be jailed. He’s ended up a mercenary in Africa in a gritty world of thugs, prostitutes and corrupt cops. He trades diamonds to survive and meets Sadiq, a young merchant as lost in the world as he is. They fall in love, but unbeknownst to Cooper, the youth has ulterior motives.

When huge oil reserves are discovered, the CIA offers Cooper a way home without jail time if he carries out a risky high-stakes mission. Cooper balks until a teenage prostitute he’s promised to save is trafficked and disappears. In hopes of rescuing her, Cooper agrees to carry out the CIA’s plot with unexpected consequences.