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Two lonelyhearts seek comfort in the arms of a robot supplied by a dating app called AI Cupid. Things get complicated when emotions, friends and a toxic ex get involved – will they find what they are looking for before their time is up?
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Mid-30s Mia, still optimistic even after endless scrolling on dating apps, seeks a man who a) matches his profile pics b) doesn’t ask cheesy questions c) doesn't ghost her. But her efforts only lead to her being stood up again, alone in a restaurant with a bottle of wine for what feels like the thousandth time.

Mid-30s Luke awaits a marriage proposal from Angus, his long-term partner, but misses signs of commitment issues. In a heart-wrenching moment, Angus publicly ends their relationship, shattering Luke's soulmate dreams.

Fortunately for Mia and Luke, their perceptive waitress, Sofia, introduces them to the ultimate solution: "AI Cupid," a cutting-edge dating app revolutionising romance. AI Cupid offers humans a choice of robots with a range of physical attributes, programmed with the latest Artificial Intelligence. Convincingly humanoid, the robots can adapt to meet their date’s every need – great listeners, never ghost you – ready to cater for every desire.

Amidst the backdrop of climate change-induced disruptions, which Mia and Luke resolutely try to ignore, they find solace in the latest cutting-edge creation emerging from AI Cupid's innovative laboratory: Leaf. Leaf is physically perfect in their eyes and raring to deliver the “Fuck Buddy” programme they have both selected. After a few teething problems (robot’s need very specific commands in order to provide the right service) they both enjoy great sex and book a follow up date with their respective Leafs.

Mia hopes that she can shape her Leaf into the ideal boyfriend. He’s a great listener … but sadly robots don’t tell great anecdotes as they are not allowed to share stories about other dates they have been on. And as for their sense of humour … AI still has a way to go.

Luke’s date starts out more successfully. He takes his Leaf to a party where he knows Angus will be, hoping to win him back by making him jealous. But it soon becomes clear that partying with Leaf won’t make Luke happy, and neither will getting back with his toxic ex.

By the end of the film, both Mia and Luke realise that you can’t manufacture love. They find happiness in a way that’s perfect for them – Mia at ease in her own company, Luke reconnecting with his friends.

And as for Leaf – both versions of Leaf get rebooked straight away and head off with their next dates – wiped clean and ready to go!

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