Johnny Blast

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Heart of Mine (Crime, Screenplay Award 2023)
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A decorated marine veteran demolition expert, nicknamed Johnny Blast, returns to civilian life with few options and little support. Various criminal elements seduce him into plying his trade against their enemies.  A brilliant female FBI agent pursues him and convinces him to seek a better life.
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Johnny Blast returns home to the Bronx from his deployment as a demolition expert. There is little for him there and his wife wants a family. When his old Sargent, Chen, comes calling to ask him to ply his talent against an old enemy of his gang, Johnny complies. Thus begins a series of demolitions for which he is hired and successfully implements without the loss of life.

Pursued by the FBI, the lead agents are clueless and think these explosions are terrorist attacks. Only Agent Lala, brilliant and underutilized by her male colleagues, uncovers the similarities in the explosions and determines they are the work of the marine expert. She convinces Johnny to come into the fold of the FBI where his talent will be used in fighting crime. One last caper cements his willingness to go straight and she is able to catch multiple gangs in a huge planned heist.

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