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Ms (Fantasy, Book Award 2023)
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Golden Writer
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What could happen if your cat turned human..when irritated ancient gods grant lively Tiffany's wish that men were more like her cat Felix it's fun at first as friends' ambitions recalibrate under his influence, but something more is stirring in Felix, family secrets unravel and urgent choices loom.
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When feisty Tiffany loses her temper with boyfriend Anthony, and accidentally topples an inherited set of Egyptian figurines, ancient forces take their mischievous revenge and grant her careless wish that men were more like her tabby cat Felix.

It’s fun at first, as Tiffany and Felix gleefully launch him into her social circle, but Felix's charisma also spells trouble. As he wins lightning-fast success as an artist, Tiffany's and her friends’ relationships begin to flex and recalibrate – not always for the better.

There’s something more afoot here; and now Tiffany suspects that whatever’s got into her cat and his art may have surfaced before in her curious family. Suspicious elders, Ozzy and Iris, circle as ‘Felix’ and his artworks spiral into trouble. Tiffany meets a promising new love and, in this dark-comedy of manners, develops a conscience of sorts about some - though not all - of Felix’s effects on her friends’ lives.

Torn between helping fast-deteriorating Felix evade Ozzy and Iris’s sinister grasp, or just washing her hands of him, she finally chooses - although no-one sees coming, a bizarre opportunity seized upon by the fading but cunning Felix.