The Rainbow Crossing Academy

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Sebastian enrolls himself at a summer school for boys "experiencing issues with same-sex attraction" in the hopes of turning himself straight for his girlfriend, Daisy, but his attraction to campmate Jordan makes things... kind of difficult.
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Have you ever felt like you should have accepted yourself for who you are by now, but you just can’t help but want to be something else? Do you ever find yourself wishing to be someone completely different? Oh, if I could just change this one thing, life would be perfect!

Well, Sebastian has felt that his whole life. He’s a 17-year-old kid who wants to fit in with the rest of the world and focus on his relationship with his loving girlfriend, Daisy. But there’s just one problem. He’s gay. He began to notice his same-sex attraction when he fell for his best friend, Kyle, early on in secondary school. But after Kyle humiliated and outed him in front of everyone, Sebastian was forced to switch schools.

There, he met his girlfriend Daisy, and instantly felt a connection. But yet... he still couldn’t shake those pesky fantasies about other guys! What the hell? He’s not gay! He’s just... heterosexually challenged. And gay doesn’t mean being happy, straight does! Right?

Well, that’s what he thinks. So our story starts when he enrols himself into The Rainbow Crossing Academy — a summer school for boys experiencing issues with same-sex attraction and is absolutely, positively, fundamentally, without doubt, not a gay conversion camp. They just, you know, convert gay thoughts into straight ones. Simple!

Sebastian settles into the Academy quickly and becomes camp leader Eve's star student when he outs Anderson and Felix after catching them making out. Tut tut. This makes him a pariah to the other boys, most of whom like being gay, but that’s not his only problem. Sebastian’s same-sex attraction threatens to take over completely when new boy Jordan arrives in camp.

The essence of effortlessly cool, Jordan reminds Sebastian of the feelings he had for Kyle as he becomes more and more attracted to this charming, happily gay, conversion camp veteran. Jordan has been there, done that, and knows how to handle these camps — even if they claim not to be a conversion camp...

Sebastian struggles to quash this attraction while he tries desperately to learn how to be straight from Eve and her second-in-command, Keith in increasingly ludicrous, pseudo-intellectual exercises. Ex-army, so- macho-its-gay camp helper Greg teaches the boys the values of wrestling. Keith’s demonstration of the dangers of gay dating apps severely backfires.

Still, Sebastian is determined to "fulfill his heterosexual potential" and listens to Eve's advice about confronting his same-sex attraction head-on after an incident during Greg's wrestling demo. But this leads to an intimate moment between Sebastian and Jordan wherein the two boys take a photo together for Sebastian's scrapbook, which he is making for his girlfriend. Jordan tries to kiss Sebastian but Sebastian resists. Huzzah! Triumph! But the victory doesn't last long as Felix finds the polaroid photo and uses it to enact revenge on Sebastian for outing him...