Make Valuable Connections

Page Turner Awards is much more than a solid writing competition that places your script on a relative scale regarding the scripts of other contestants. At Page Turner Awards one doesn’t feel in a vacuum, as they keep participants updated at every stage of the selection process.

Ken and Paula consistently send email updates, inform participants of a varied array of services useful to their writing career, and respond quickly to emails.

Moreover, when advancing in the competition, the contestant is supported by placing both the writer and their project in the spotlight (with a bio, social media links, and the project’s logline). This provides exposure to industry professionals, and allows participants to learn about each other and make valuable connections.

In my case, through my participation in this competition, I have been contacted by an industry professional with the perspective of working on a TV series. I am very grateful to the Page Turner Awards for providing recognition for my writing, and just as importantly for generating the prospect of joining a fascinating screenwriting collaboration team.