Maria Sanchez

Born in Wisconsin, USA, to Spanish parents, raised between California and Spain, in Madrid I lived Spain’s transition to democracy, was a racetrack jockey, and obtained a Biology degree. At 23 I moved to Santa Cruz, California, and earned an M.S. in Marine Sciences. I worked for Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska and for the Environmental Department of Navarra, Spain. In Athens, Georgia (USA), I obtained a Ph.D. in Genetics and met my husband. I had my two children as I worked as a postdoctoral fellow and associate specialist at Davis and Berkeley, California, on computational modeling of HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis C. I’ve published in science, have a KQED article on flamenco, and dance flamenco semiprofessionally. However, writing fiction is my true calling, and I’m eager to spill my motley life onto the page. I’ve reoriented my career to become a professional writer delving in women themes, science, and public health. I’m in development with my feature script I’LL BE YOU, with a total of 26 accolades and estimated to be in the top 1-2% of discoverable projects on Coverfly (it’s in private mode). My short story TOO DONE is on the Red List in Coverfly.