Page Turner Awards create winners.

In 2020, I thought about entering the Page Turner Awards, but my work wasn't quite ready and I didn't want to rush. I was pleased to see how well it was run and I took advantage of a consult with a literary agent. This lead to revisions and my entry in this year's awards.

As a writer, the most important thing for me is the story. I love what I do. But... without doubt, the desire for recognition is a human need. The Page Turner Awards are perfect for giving me that little pat on the back, which propels me forward and makes the hours spent behind the keyboard all worthwhile.

So, thank you Page Turner Awards for everything you do, all the hard work, to provide us writers with an oasis in the desert.

Jerry Furnell

Book 1 Unleashing the Tiger.
Book 2 The Devil's Daughter.
Book 3 TBD