The sky is the limit!

Whether you are self-published or traditionally published, I believe entering book competitions is a must for all authors. It will not only promote your work but give you important feedback on your book and how to progress as a writer. However, there are so many competitions and they can be expensive to enter. So choose carefully.

I am a first time, self-published, multi award winning author. I found the Page Turner Awards competition to go above and beyond what’s normally expected. Their basic entry fee is just that, basic, which ensures that no one is precluded from entering the competition. After that, the sky is the limit as they offer all kinds of support and opportunities; too many to mention here. Indeed, you do not even have to enter the competition to avail of theses supports and opportunities which renders flexibility to their program that simply does not exist in other competitions.

I cannot recommend the Page Turner Awards program highly enough to all authors who wish to shine a spotlight on their work or indeed to all aspiring authors who wish to learn more about the craft and the industry.