This is real help to those pursuing a writing career

I never considered myself a writer as I still cannot type (even emailing takes too long); however, because of the global turmoil today and all the suffering I've witnessed over the years, I've been compelled to share my discoveries and little-known secrets in a book (coming out this year)—so humanity may realize their potential to self-heal, prosper and thrive in these troubling times. I was just completing my book when "Pro Writing Aid" (an editing program) encouraged me to apply for the Page Turner Awards. I was initially hesitant (having little time and being continually bombarded with scams and offers that only frustrated instead of helping). When I made "finalist", I still did not know of Page Turner's reputation, how much competition there was (to gage my response), or if it would be any value to me; however, with the follow-up and encouraging emails from Paula, reading other finalist's work (many were "professional" authors), made me realize this awards program was not only legitimate, but could offer real help to those pursuing a writing career. On this note, I thank you for your support and initial recognition. I will not hesitate to recommend the Page Turner Awards to others (only wish I were able to take advantage of more of your opportunities). Thanks again, Cheryl.